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A Quranic Name for Girls

How to pronounce Husna

Hot + pUt + Sit + NAp

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Husna in Arabic)حُسْنَى
Quranic Nature
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Directly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of HusnaHusnaa Hosna Hosnaa
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.
Quranic Root
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Meaning of Husna

Husna is an Arabic name for girls that means “best”, “most beautiful”. It is used 17 times in the Quran.

For them who have done good is the best [reward] and extra. No darkness will cover their faces, nor humiliation. Those are companions of Paradise; they will abide therein eternally. (Quran 10:26)

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Wednesday 22nd of March 2017 09:30:35 PM

    I love this name Husnah. it is my first daughter’s nane

  2. on Thursday 1st of June 2017 08:53:05 PM

    I just named my baby girl Husna! Love the name and meaning and the fact it is mentioned several times in the Quran

  3. on Tuesday 10th of October 2017 05:10:35 AM

    Alhamdulillah my name is Husna and everyone loves my says that your name is so perfect and suits ur personaity

  4. on Saturday 14th of October 2017 11:17:08 AM

    I Love This Name Bcoz That’s My Past,Present,Future.

  5. on Tuesday 23rd of January 2018 11:03:30 AM

    My daughter name is Husna. She is very beautiful and loving barakAllah.

  6. on Thursday 1st of February 2018 12:25:02 AM

    My name is hosna too! i love my name so much and i love the meaning. people say it suits me so well.

  7. on Tuesday 6th of February 2018 01:23:55 AM

    Husna is the most beautiful name, iA i will name my daughter husna

  8. on Friday 14th of December 2018 08:48:05 PM

    Most beautiful name mashallah, I love this name so much. Inshallah I will name my daughter hosna!

  9. on Thursday 21st of February 2019 10:42:07 AM

    Husna is our first grand daughters name. Allhumdillah she is very beautiful, intelligent and loving. I love my Husna.
    Grandpa Salim

  10. on Monday 15th of April 2019 01:41:10 PM

    Am praying nd hoping for Allah to bless me with a healthy child (gal) I shall name her husna inshaa Allah

  11. on Thursday 5th of September 2019 09:32:30 AM

    I got the inspiration for this name by Nouman Ali Khan’s daughter whose name is also Husna. I love this name

  12. on Sunday 20th of October 2019 02:46:14 PM

    Husna is my name and my brothers doesn’t believe it’s meaning

  13. on Wednesday 6th of November 2019 03:18:40 PM

    I heard this name during Zuhur prayer through Surah Al-Layl and i fell in love. So i decided to give my daughter’s name Husna. Alhamdulillah my wife gave birth to a baby girl and we gave her Husna. SubhanAllah

  14. on Monday 11th of November 2019 02:44:02 PM

    My name is too husna I love my name as my name has repeated 17 times in quraan

  15. on Friday 15th of November 2019 01:41:35 PM

    My name is husna l love my parents ki uno ne Mera name husna rakha Mera name Quran mein 17times repeat hota hai

  16. on Wednesday 11th of December 2019 08:14:26 PM

    Just named our (firstborn) baby girl Husna. I fell in love with this name randomly when thinking of the Most Beautiful names of Allah (Asma ul Husna)! While it is a Most Beautiful name, I am thankful that it also reminds my daughter to be the Best she can be, and a Goodness to the world. I pray that she can be an ambassador to Islam and truly be of service to others by example. May Allah swt bless her with all the goodness in this world and the next and protect her from the bad Insha’Allah and that she knows her worth and how much her father (and mother!) loves her. Ameen! Her middle name is Aasiyah, another great muslimah example/reminder for her to follow Insha’Allah.!

  17. on Tuesday 24th of December 2019 07:50:12 AM

    i feel so fine with this name thankful to my parents for gave me this name. Alhamdullah

  18. on Friday 8th of May 2020 10:43:55 AM

    Husna is my beautiful feature wife’s name i.e my fiance. I love her very much as well the name husna.

  19. on Wednesday 20th of May 2020 08:19:30 PM

    I never thought my name could be such amazing and most of all it has been mentioned in the Qur’an 17 times

  20. on Friday 19th of February 2021 02:52:14 PM

    I love the name Husna its so cute and i am gonna name my Baby girl Husna

  21. on Monday 28th of June 2021 11:00:12 PM

    What’s the meaning of ziyadatul Husna? I have seen that combination but don’t know what it means

  22. on Saturday 21st of August 2021 11:45:45 AM

    I love the name husna because it my name and it most beautiful to

  23. on Wednesday 1st of September 2021 07:20:33 PM

    My name is Husna and I agree to all the people that wrote a comment. I am grateful to my parents for giving me this name. It means ‘the most beautiful’ what is a more beautiful name than that.

  24. on Saturday 18th of September 2021 03:30:28 PM

    My name is husna and am so grateful . Alhamdulialla l will name one of my friend’s daughter husna because of it’s beautiful meaning. Amen

  25. on Sunday 21st of November 2021 06:52:24 PM

    my name is Husna i am grateful that my name is in Quran 17 times

  26. on Wednesday 1st of June 2022 05:32:07 PM

    My name is Husna and im so beautiful and charming… caring ❤️❤️❤️

  27. on Saturday 6th of August 2022 06:06:51 AM

    Met this flower just yesterday but feels like I’ve known her for a decade. Indeed Husna was the perfect name for her. Her smile blows me away

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