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A Quranic Name for Boys and Girls

How to pronounce Aidan

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Arabic Spelling (How to write Aidan in Arabic)عيدان
Quranic Nature
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Indirectly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of AidanAydan Eydan Eidan Aidaan Aiydane Aiydan Aiydaan Aedane Aedan Aedaane Aedaane Aedaan Aeydane Aeydan Aeydaan
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Quranic Root
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Meaning of Aidan

Aidan is an indirect Quranic name for boys and girls that means “tall palm tree”. It is derived from the Ain-D-N root (perpetuity) which is used in many places in the Quran.

God has promised the believers, both men and women, gardens through which running rivers flow, therein to abide, and goodly dwellings in gardens of perpetuity: but God’s goodly acceptance is the greatest [bliss of all] -for this, this is the triumph supreme! (Quran 9:72)

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Saturday 20th of December 2014 07:59:18 PM

    i gave name to my boy Aidan. is it 100% good muslim name? i am not certain this is good meaning

  2. on Sunday 21st of December 2014 07:37:49 PM

    @1: All names are acceptable for Muslim children unless they have a meaning that goes against Islam. Since Aidan doesn’t have a bad meanin, it is an acceptable name for a Muslim child.

  3. on Tuesday 24th of March 2015 10:04:51 PM

    My sons name is Aydan but can’t seem to find any meanings. Is it ok for muslim name.

  4. on Thursday 3rd of September 2015 06:44:28 AM

    aidan khan ke mayene kya hai mujhe boy ka naam rakhna hai

  5. on Tuesday 5th of January 2016 08:10:10 PM

    allah akbar

  6. on Sunday 20th of March 2016 05:57:13 PM

    Very gooodiful name really apreciate my time with all of my house in the car and my garage is to small bye bye my sisters and brothers I say bye now cud age love u all my Muslim people

  7. on Monday 18th of April 2016 05:02:24 PM

    What is the correct meaning for Aidan? Does it mean tall Palm trees in heaven?

  8. on Sunday 24th of July 2016 08:16:50 PM

    This “عيدان” spelling you listed is pronounced AY-dān (ay rhyming with hey, dān rhyming with Khan) and shouldn’t be spelled as Aidan in English as Aidan is pronounced in English as AY-dən (ay rhyming with hey, dən sounding like the dən part of Jordan). The meaning of this Arabic spelling you’re talking about should be spelled different than Aiden in English like “Aydaan” or “Aidaan”.

    The name Aiden (pronounced AY-dən which is what most people who searched this name are looking for i.e. info about this name with THIS pronunciation) is actually a pronunciation variant of the Turkish name “Aydın” (pronounced eye-dən, meaning “enlightened”). (Go on the website Forvo if you’re still confused and want to hear how Aydın is pronounced in Turkish.)

    So the Muslim name Aiden (which is pronounced in English speaking countries as AY-dən) is related to the Turkish name “Aydın” meaning “enlightened”.

    The Muslim name Aiden is written as “ایدن” in Persian.

    Hope I helped anyone who was confused and wanted to know the correct Muslim meaning of Aiden. 🙂

  9. on Wednesday 7th of September 2016 09:04:35 AM

    Anonymous on Sunday 24th of July 2016 08:16:50 PM
    You did help A LOTTTTTT. Thanks

  10. on Thursday 13th of October 2016 01:49:35 AM

    The root meaning or word of phrase where aydaan appears in the Quran is in reference to the garden of Eden, or paradise “adnin tajre min thahthihal anharu fee khalideena fee ha” and it connects with “everlasting” “eternal” and also encompasses other meanings like “enlightened”.

  11. on Friday 18th of November 2016 04:53:38 AM

    It should not matter if a name is Quranic or not. Giving a child a non quranic/Islamic name does not make them any less of a Muslim than someone with a quranic/Islamic name. Like one poster said, as long as it doesn’t go against Islam, such as calling your child “Christian”, then it is ok. Chose a name you and your partner like, not a name to please “others”. Who are they to judge, only the almighty (swt) can judge us.

  12. on Sunday 20th of November 2016 09:46:23 AM

    If I spell the name Aiden? Is it still reference to garden of Eden?

  13. on Wednesday 21st of December 2016 09:01:03 PM

    I am wanting to name my child aiden, but im not fully sure if it is acceptet in islam. So i was just wondering if aiden is accepted?

  14. on Tuesday 5th of September 2017 10:26:04 AM

    We got name Aidan with spelling in arabic as اىدان with alif yay dal alif noon.
    It means in arabic Intelligent & helpful. Is it true and fine???

  15. on Sunday 12th of November 2017 05:56:25 AM

    In Turkish and Azerbaijani, Aidan (or Aydan) means ‘from the moon’ , or the one from the moon. And mainly it’s a girls name.
    Hope this helps.

  16. on Wednesday 29th of August 2018 11:08:54 AM

    I never knew Aidan was a muslim name my friend is called it but it is
    ay den not uden

  17. on Tuesday 4th of September 2018 11:31:44 AM

    My neighbour is Christian and is name is pronounced ayden not uyden

  18. on Saturday 29th of September 2018 09:53:52 AM

    I’m naming my baby boy this
    Jzk for clarifying this is an name suitable

  19. on Thursday 3rd of January 2019 08:07:07 PM

    My Name is Aydan – it can be for a male or female and it means from the moon (or from moon substance/light)

  20. on Friday 22nd of February 2019 12:22:16 PM

    I am interested in the name Aidan for my son, every other site says it means “help, intelligent”, your site says tall palm tree plz help

  21. on Friday 12th of July 2019 12:05:45 AM

    Very beautifull name Aidan mean intelligent. Main yeh apny czn py raka rahe hon it’s a very beautifull name I love this name

  22. on Saturday 28th of March 2020 04:24:40 PM

    Aiden in muslim names is spelled as Aieden. This mean hand of God. In some places it means strength of God

  23. on Saturday 28th of March 2020 04:28:54 PM

    There is quranic verse which reads as “ Allah made this world with his strength’’
    In places the verse is written as “ Allah made this world with his hands”

    The word Aieden is used in the verse for (hand/strength)

  24. on Wednesday 3rd of March 2021 08:39:27 AM

    We have named our son Ayden. Because we wanted an international name (im dutch, my wife is from Senegal), so his name can be pronounced in almost any language. Also in celtic/irish “aiden” means “little/small fire”, and because we are muslim, we wanted a muslim like name. So “Ayden” is a nice middle between “Aydin” (enlightened) and “Aiden” (little fire).
    Also very applicable, when unborn the baby was very feisty, kicked and moved a lot, and also brought some peace in our troubled family. So “little fire” and “enlightened” are realy in place here.

  25. on Monday 24th of May 2021 04:25:31 PM

    name is lame.

  26. on Saturday 21st of January 2023 09:19:43 AM

    Sadly people in this website trying their best to find excuses and connect to Islam. Aiden is a Christian name commonly used in Irland. To Muslim families find an Arabic name for child if you truly Muslim. God bless us all

  27. on Sunday 22nd of October 2023 02:38:09 PM

    ^Astagfirallah what’s with the blatant Arab supremacy. Having an Arabic name doesn’t make you “truly Muslim” and anyone who says that should be ashamed of themselves. As long as the name is not cruel or directly against Islam you can name your child whatever you want. If the name is commonly used in Ireland that is fine, who are you to say to white/european Muslims that their culture isn’t accepted in Islam and they must convert to a new ethnicity to be accepted by Allah. Our prophet told us to keep our culture. You’re the only sad person here, May God forgive YOU.

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