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A Quranic Name for Girls

How to pronounce Inaya

Islam + Name + smArt + YUmmy

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Arabic Spelling (How to write Inaya in Arabic)عِناية
Quranic Nature
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Indirectly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of InayaEnaya Inayah Enayah Eynaya Einaia Inaaya Ynaya Enaieh Enaiah Enaeeh Enaeah Enayeh Enayah Enaaieh Enaaiah
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.
Quranic Root
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All Quranic baby names derived from AIN-N-A:

Meaning of Inaya

Inaya is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means help, care, protection. It is derived from the Ain-W-N root which is used in many places in the Quran, including Surat al-Fatihah.

It is You we worship, and upon You we call for help. (Quran 1:5)

And seek help through patience and prayer, and most surely it is a hard thing except for the humble ones (Quran 2:45)

You who believe, seek help through patience and prayer; surely, God is with the steadfast. (Quran 2:153)

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Monday 30th of March 2015 04:02:31 AM

    Where is the name Exactly mentioned in Quran or suratul fatihah?? Can u plz tell me because I have been searching but did not get it…

  2. on Sunday 19th of April 2015 01:14:38 PM

    What does the name mean actually and are there any famous muslims that go by that name?

  3. on Monday 30th of November 2015 11:27:02 PM

    I love this website because this website has an good meaning for my and it even has my name. I love this site and it is wonderful.

  4. on Monday 21st of March 2016 05:46:22 PM

    It is a very good name.I have a friend named Inara but she never told me the meaning of that name.Can you please tell me the meaning of “Inara”?

  5. on Monday 21st of March 2016 05:54:25 PM

    My friends name is Inarra .She never told me the meaning of that name.Can you please tell methe meaning of Inarra?

  6. on Thursday 19th of May 2016 03:32:05 PM

    I heard that Inaya meaning is gift from that right

  7. on Monday 22nd of August 2016 04:55:52 AM

    My baby’s name is Inara. She left us after 9 days. Her name derives from Nur (light). After 24 days, I adopted a baby named Inaya. She’s the help from Allah to us, to recover from the loss of a child. And thank you for giving us ideas for Inara.

  8. on Wednesday 26th of October 2016 03:52:38 AM

    Where is the name Exactly mentioned in Quran or suratul fatihah?? Can u plz tell me because I have been searching but did not get it…

  9. on Monday 2nd of January 2017 11:33:03 AM

    where is the word INAYA in surath al fatihah I was searching this name in quran can u tell me.

  10. on Sunday 5th of March 2017 08:06:33 AM

    I happen to teach in a christian school( I am a hindu and there are muslims too) and I happened to meet a young student from class 3 because we travel together along with the student’s mother. I asked the student the meaning of her name and she said she didn’t know but the mother answered. Inaya means the one who was created by God from the bones of the Hip! Only christians believe this and I was surprised to hear it from a Muslim woman! Can some one explain this to me!

  11. on Sunday 28th of May 2017 09:16:26 PM

    عَناهُ الأَمْرُ يَعْنِيهِ ويَعْنُوه عِنايَةً وعَنايَةً وعُنِيَّاً: أَهَمَّه.

  12. on Monday 31st of July 2017 05:24:50 PM

    In the surat fatihah where the name inaya is writen I search in Quran but I can’t found it please tell me where it was

  13. on Sunday 29th of October 2017 01:14:39 PM

    In the surat fatihah where the name inaya is writen I search in Quran but I can’t found it please tell me where it was

  14. on Thursday 15th of February 2018 06:32:53 AM

    In the surat fatihah where the name inaya is writen I search in Quran but I can’t found it please tell me where it

  15. on Saturday 28th of April 2018 04:27:43 PM

    In the surah fatiha where the name where the name Inayat is written I detach in Quran but I can’t find, please help me on this.

  16. on Friday 4th of May 2018 08:45:26 AM

    I have kept my baby girl’s name as Inaaya. What should i keep as her surname so that her name becomes like “gift of Allah” or “under care of Allah”

  17. on Friday 3rd of August 2018 02:54:58 PM

    Where is the meaning of inayah mentioned on this page???

  18. on Tuesday 28th of August 2018 10:50:50 AM

    My sisters name is in ayan and I think it’s a beautiful name though can you let me know where exactly the name is in the quaran

  19. on Tuesday 28th of August 2018 10:51:41 AM

    Sorry it’s was meant to be my previous comment was meant to say inaya not ayan

  20. on Wednesday 29th of August 2018 11:17:52 AM

    my sister is gonna be called Inayah but my mum doesn’t know about spelling

    she’s heard Inaya and Anaya
    which one Is correct

  21. on Tuesday 25th of September 2018 04:15:06 PM

    Where is it directly mentioned
    My hubby will not allow the name unless it has a good meaning
    Also is it inaya or inayah

  22. on Saturday 13th of October 2018 10:18:28 AM

    My daughter is called inaya and she has a big brother called rayan

  23. on Sunday 18th of November 2018 01:39:05 AM

    I read on the other website inaya means solicitude or concern. But at the same time it is gift from Allah. So which one is the truth meaning

  24. on Saturday 20th of April 2019 06:43:32 PM

    Assalamu alaikum wrwb..
    Inaya word is indirectly mentioned in Qur’an.
    Actually the root word of “Inaya” is same as that of “nasta’een”word..,which is “ain,waw,noon”..
    (Iyyaka na’abudu wa iyyaka nasta’een)
    Which means help..

  25. on Monday 20th of May 2019 02:39:48 AM

    It should be spelt Inaaya as I have searched many sites and spelt like this it means gift from God do your research people. This is correct spelling.

  26. on Saturday 25th of May 2019 04:45:46 AM

    ASSALAMUALAIKUM. Which can be added to inaaya as surname so that the meaning becomes gift of Allah, protection of Allah. Please suggest.

  27. on Friday 30th of August 2019 03:35:58 PM

    Inaya is the spelling of my daughters name

    It is better because I hate names that have h at the end

  28. on Tuesday 24th of December 2019 11:37:41 AM

    Where is the name exactly mentioned in the holy quran and suratul fatiha , plz reply me

  29. on Thursday 23rd of April 2020 10:09:11 AM

    Any second name suitable for inaaya.. Please mention

  30. on Tuesday 9th of June 2020 01:23:42 PM

    Inaaya is a right spelling. Masha Allah bahut khoob surat naam hai. Yani Allah ki inayat, tohfa.

  31. on Friday 13th of August 2021 03:10:15 PM

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu , i have a question please , Is the meaning of Inaya also , Gift from God? I heard it from another source and i really liked the name , so i want to know the real meaning. Wassalam .

  32. on Friday 26th of January 2024 08:17:04 PM

    Inaya is not in the Arabic language. You will not find any native Arab speaker use this name. It also does not mean gift of god.

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