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A Quranic Name for Girls

Short meaning of HannahKind, Compassionate and Tenderhearted
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How to pronounce Hannah

HUmble + Name + NUmber

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Hannah in Arabic)حَنَّة
Quranic Nature
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Indirectly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of HannahHanna Hana Hanah Henna Hennah Hena Henah Hene Hena Hane Heneh Henah Haneh Henne Henna
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.
Quranic Root
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All Quranic baby names derived from H6-N-N:

Meaning of Hannah

Hannah is an indirect Quranic name for girls. It means loving, kind, sympathetic. The name’s origins come from the ancient Hebrew/Aramaic root H6-N-N, which is probably the same root for the name Yohanan (Hebrew for the Western name John/Johannes, which is the name of Prophet Yahya in the Bible). Interestingly, this root is only used once in the Quran, when speaking of Prophet Yahya/John in Surat Maryam:

[And when the son was born and grew up, he was told,] “O John! Hold fast unto the divine Scripture with [all thy] strength!” – for We granted him wisdom while he was yet a little boy, as well as, by Our grace, [the gift of] compassion and purity; and he was [always] conscious of Us. (Quran 19:12-13)

Some sources say Hannah bint Faqoodha (Saint Anne in the Christian tradition) was the name of the mother of Maryam (Mary), and therefore the grandmother of Prophet Isa/Jesus. This name however is not mentioned in the Quran, Hadith, or the Bible and there are no authentic sources to back this up.

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 08:37:44 AM

    My name is Hannah and I am a muslim I always think why did my dad name me hannah it is a christian name and now i know the answers of my questions

  2. on Tuesday 29th of July 2014 04:02:07 AM

    The name Hannah is the name of mother of Prophet Jesus’s mother marry. (Quranic names Hana, Maryam & Isa) And for your kind information they were not Christian. Cristianism was formed long after the period of Prophet jesus.

  3. on Monday 27th of October 2014 08:41:03 PM

    My second daughters name is Hannah and she is exactly what her namd means.May Allah bless her with long life.

  4. on Saturday 1st of November 2014 09:47:50 AM

    I see two other people named their second daughter Hannah. It’s so funny, I want to name my second daughter Hannah too

  5. on Saturday 8th of November 2014 09:57:32 PM

    My second daughters name is hannah too, i named her hannah knowing hannah was the mother of mary and a very pious women who was devoted to allah, and thats how i want my daughter hannah to be inshallah.

  6. on Wednesday 4th of February 2015 07:40:37 AM

    Actually, yes, it is in the Hadiths [Narrations] and Tafsirs [Explanations] when explaining the context of when Maryam [Mary] was born.

  7. on Sunday 15th of March 2015 01:26:33 PM

    What’s funny is I never know Hana or Hannah was a Islamic name cause my grandmother’s name was
    Mary Hannah …wish I could of told her

  8. on Friday 26th of June 2015 05:05:55 AM

    My name is Hana and I thought my name was not a muslim name but a cristianism name and as you can tell I am Muslim and in my class we wrote a paragraph of our names I thought ohh great my names not spelled right and it has nothing to do with the Quran I learned it doesn’t but it is a beautiful Islamic name and has a beautiful background for every Hana,Hanna,or Hannahyou truly have an amazing name

  9. on Thursday 16th of July 2015 05:22:08 AM

    don’t name your second daughter Hannah its a bad luck name for a second daughter. believe me I am a second daughter named Hannah .the only good thing that when they make in school an exam based on letters I be one of the last so I cant fail in it

  10. on Thursday 16th of July 2015 05:27:29 AM

    but when I think about it I cant think of any name better than Hannah I thank dad because he was the one who named rather the reasons it was the only good thing he ever done to me

  11. on Sunday 2nd of August 2015 08:38:54 PM

    I like the name hanah as she is a great vampire in the film of the same name. Pbuh

  12. on Wednesday 28th of October 2015 03:08:08 AM

    Actually sharmill… it wasn’t really long after Jesus,that Christianity started. It technically started as he was preaching to people and people became His followers….and then even those followers became preaching and teaching. Maybe you mean Catholicism started long afterwards. 🙂

  13. on Wednesday 28th of October 2015 11:15:54 AM

    My second daughters name is hannah too .ma sha allah i love that name .may allah bless hannah . Ameen

  14. on Saturday 26th of December 2015 12:52:19 PM

    The arabic spelling of the name is wrong. My name is hannah and in arabic it’s spelled هانا

  15. on Sunday 3rd of January 2016 10:51:37 PM

    My second child is named Hana, I’ve been reading this forum and made my smile how many girls who happened to be the second child were named Hana.

  16. on Monday 8th of February 2016 03:22:09 AM

    If I had a girl or even in the future or something I name her hannah that is my second daughter name

  17. on Tuesday 15th of March 2016 06:32:02 AM

    Both my daughter named hannah. ^_^ they’re lovely as their name. Hannah humairah n hannah hadirah.

  18. on Friday 24th of June 2016 06:50:17 PM

    My name is Hannah and I do absolutely love the name Hannah I am a Muslim who Evers name is Hannah your really lucky to have the name Hannah

  19. on Friday 29th of July 2016 11:13:22 AM

    My name is Hanaa and everyone i mean everyone spells it wrong but i love that it is kind of a unique spelling so yeh

  20. on Friday 29th of July 2016 01:29:11 PM

    wow. i am a second daughter and i am hannatu which is the hausa version of hannah. i am a christian though. guess it cuts across both religion.

  21. on Tuesday 30th of August 2016 03:40:53 PM

    My name is Hana but idk if it would be the same as Hannah but it is a really nice name and i’m happy that it’s my name

  22. on Saturday 24th of September 2016 04:31:41 AM

    Hanna (Channa) is also a Hebrew name, Hanna was the Prophet Samuel’s (Shmuel’s) mother.

  23. on Friday 24th of February 2017 08:50:31 PM

    My name is Hannah and my dad named me Hannah and he said that I am exactly what my name means.

  24. on Friday 12th of May 2017 01:27:12 PM

    I’M sad to read that some of you have a Problem with ” Christian names “, I’m a christian Girl and have a arabic name MERYAM. So when i read your comments, i not wonder about the Reality. I have a lot of jews and moslems Friends, and they are like my Family. Try to be not the Reality.

  25. on Friday 21st of July 2017 10:00:40 PM

    I love my name Hana. I am the second daughter of my family too. Amazing!

  26. on Thursday 5th of October 2017 07:39:32 AM

    Omg im also the second daughter and my name is Hana. And yes am proudly a muslim. But life has not given me enough luck until now, but still am proud to be named Hana and i love my name so much! Thanks dad <3

  27. on Wednesday 22nd of November 2017 06:11:28 AM

    Im expecting with a third baby and my doctor told me its a girl so Im planning to name her Hannah as my fisrt daughter is Sarah and son Ahad. I love the meaning of Hannah.

  28. on Friday 24th of November 2017 07:55:55 AM

    My name is Hannah. And I am the second daughter too 🙂

  29. on Friday 24th of November 2017 07:57:10 AM

    I am not Muslim, but live in the UAE. So maybe I’m meant to be here

  30. on Friday 1st of December 2017 11:15:56 AM


  31. on Wednesday 6th of December 2017 11:14:36 PM

    My name is Hanna, Im Swedish and belong to no religion but LOVE. For me Love is the one and only religion. Stunned by the fact….I am also the second child! Glitch in the Matrix? 😉

  32. on Wednesday 27th of December 2017 05:06:58 AM

    HOW Should we write hannah in urdu ??? can any one help me please,

  33. on Sunday 21st of January 2018 05:27:37 AM

    Hello everyone, my name is mariam,
    My first daughter is Hudah beautiful name now she is having a sister and I think am gonna name her Hanah I found it to be a lovely name, and then I will add another name which I haven’t found yet, Insha’Allah

  34. on Friday 9th of March 2018 03:49:00 PM

    Assalamualikum my name in means Happiness….

  35. on Wednesday 14th of March 2018 11:21:51 PM

    I am a Hannah too, but I am a first daughter and a Christian. I love being named for the grace of God! btw, hana also means flower in Japanese, and first daughter in Korean. So many meanings in so many cultures – what a blessing to be named Hannah 🙂

  36. on Thursday 15th of March 2018 01:07:57 PM

    My name is hanna…
    i am second daughter .now realized that my days before i cried because of my name is i loved my name and know many girls named that hanna

  37. on Sunday 18th of March 2018 06:26:59 AM

    I love this name so much,knowing this name is maryam mother name,give me much joy,may Allah bless my Hannah and all my kids

  38. on Tuesday 27th of March 2018 06:53:49 AM

    My second daughters name is also Hannah. Alhumdulillaah i love the name & its most suited for her! I love the fact that its Maryam as mothers name!

  39. on Tuesday 1st of May 2018 09:27:43 PM

    Same here, am happy to be named hannah. But i think we are not too brillant, or what do you think.

  40. on Wednesday 9th of May 2018 03:09:57 PM

    Hahahahaha I have no religion, my name is Hannah and I am the second child, very popular

  41. on Friday 29th of June 2018 08:22:58 PM

    The way Hannah is pronounced in English really goes with the Arabic name هنا which means “happiness” I believe most muslims who choose it mean هنا not حنة

  42. on Tuesday 14th of August 2018 12:48:40 PM

    My name is Hana
    My big twin sisters are Sophia and zara

  43. on Wednesday 29th of August 2018 11:11:06 AM

    my name is Hannah
    im the eldest, I have a sister called mariem and a brother called isa

  44. on Wednesday 29th of August 2018 12:56:27 PM

    Hiya Sophia and zara it’s me maheen

    How comes hana can type she’s like two

  45. on Tuesday 4th of September 2018 06:27:54 PM

    My sister is called Hannah she is also the second daughter

  46. on Thursday 4th of October 2018 03:48:36 PM

    My name is Hannah and I’m the second daughter too
    What the he’ll I’s going on

  47. on Thursday 1st of November 2018 12:08:44 PM

    The Story of Maryam’s Birth

    Allah tells;

    إِذْ قَالَتِ امْرَأَةُ عِمْرَانَ

    (Remember) when the wife of Imran said:

    The wife of Imran mentioned here is the mother of Maryam, and her name is Hannah bint Faqudh.

    Muhammad bin Ishaq mentioned that Hannah could not have children and that one day, she saw a bird feeding its chick. She wished she could have children and supplicated to Allah to grant her offspring. Allah accepted her supplication, and when her husband slept with her, she became pregnant. She vowed to make her child concentrate on worship and serving Bayt Al-Maqdis (the Masjid in Jerusalem), when she became aware that she was pregnant.

    She said,

    رَبِّ إِنِّي نَذَرْتُ لَكَ مَا فِي بَطْنِي مُحَرَّرًا فَتَقَبَّلْ مِنِّي إِنَّكَ أَنتَ السَّمِيعُ الْعَلِيمُ

    O my Lord! I have vowed to You what is in my womb to be dedicated for Your services, so accept this from me. Verily, You are the All-Hearer, the All-Knowing.

    meaning, You hear my supplication and You know my intention. She did not know then what she would give birth to, a male or a female

    Go to next ayah for complete tafsir

  48. on Wednesday 14th of November 2018 04:34:49 AM

    I am at the mid of my 9th month pregnancy nd jst today I askd my husband tht wht to name if we hv a girl he said tht wht ever u like bt his mother once said to name Hannah … Nd nw wen I found out the meaning n history so m thinking to name my child if a girl hannah … Otherwise I planned to name Amal .
    I request all the viewers to pray fr me n my smooth dlvry as its my frst child .

  49. on Tuesday 26th of February 2019 06:36:23 PM

    My second daughter is called Hana‼️ This is confusing me to the hell of the brim! Some scary shit going on yea boil!! I love the name hana spelt like that. Most Muslims I know use this spelling. So those pondering about thinking Hannah or hana is a Christian name, know it is not! Hana is my second baby girl and she is one today, love you baby girl

  50. on Monday 17th of June 2019 03:15:31 AM

    My name is Hannah and I am the second child as well in my family!! I love that my name crosses into different cultures and religions. I had no clue until this year when my eye doctor told me my name is Arabic!

  51. on Saturday 17th of August 2019 04:41:39 PM

    My daughters middle name is Hannah!!! I smile when I see how common it is ,

  52. on Sunday 18th of August 2019 10:42:23 AM

    Assalamualikum!! My name is also Hanna and I am the first child of my parents. I am from Sylhet,Bangladesh.

  53. on Friday 25th of October 2019 05:17:38 AM

    My first daughter name is hayat and plan to give my second daughter Hannah mansha ALLAH

  54. on Friday 15th of November 2019 05:22:45 AM

    Write your comment here…I am hannah i am the first child my family

  55. on Sunday 29th of December 2019 07:50:05 AM

    Assalamu Alaikum I’m Hanna also I’m first child of my parents I’m from Djibouti so I’m somalian
    So proud to have this name alhamdoulilah

  56. on Friday 12th of June 2020 03:17:44 PM

    Assalamalaikum am khairat, hannah is really a nice name and i would like to name my daughter inshallah

  57. on Friday 12th of June 2020 03:24:16 PM

    Seriously at first i thought hannah was a christian name but now i know more. Shout out to all hannah’s around the world!!. You’re really lucky for having such a wonderful name. Mashallah

  58. on Saturday 8th of August 2020 07:39:17 AM

    I’m from Pakistan and I named my daughter Hannah after I found out it’s maryam AS mother’s name. I named her Hannah Mariam. Masha Allah

  59. on Tuesday 23rd of February 2021 11:27:30 AM

    I felt proud and also I am satisfied with my name Hanna
    How many people loves the name Hanna!!Tell me??

  60. on Thursday 15th of April 2021 12:17:10 AM

    My first born is Hanan and second one is Hannah. Alhamdulillah. Hannah is just like her name. Named her because of prophet jesuses grandmom. Ma Sha Allah.. May Allah bless all the children.. Aameen

  61. on Sunday 15th of August 2021 11:43:40 AM

    also hanna here TT how? how? I’m also the second daughter!!?? howw howwww!?? ya allah I’m so surprised with this??

  62. on Wednesday 15th of September 2021 08:21:27 PM

    I named my daughter Hannah who was born 34 minutes after her twin Hawwa!

  63. on Monday 8th of July 2024 12:33:35 PM

    Write your comment soo proud that my name is hannah

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