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A Quranic Name for Boys

Short meaning of AlyanHigh Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb
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How to pronounce Alyan

Under + pLay + YArN

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Alyan in Arabic)عليان
Quranic Nature
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Indirectly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of AlyanAlyaan Alian Aliaan Alean Aleaan Elian Elyan Aliyan Aliyaan Alean Aleaan Aleyan Aleyaan Alian
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.
Quranic Root
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All Quranic baby names derived from AIN-L-A:

Meaning of Alyan

Alyan is an indirect Quranic name for boys that means “one who climbs upwards”, “one who ascends”, figuratively meaning “high”, “supreme”, “exalted”, “great”. Alyan is an ancient Arabic name used since before Islam. It is derived from the AIN-L-A root which is also the root for the common name Ali.

Glory to Him! He is high above all that they say!- Exalted and Great (beyond measure)! (Quran 17:43)

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Thursday 23rd of April 2015 01:50:18 PM

    Dear Brothers n Sisters, Alyan means supreme, exalted or high, is it permesible to use such names which is usually used only for Allah subhana watala.
    i feel this has to be understood better or the meaning should be studied more carefully.
    i am looking for a name for my child, could be a boy or a girl not known.

  2. on Wednesday 24th of June 2015 04:28:01 PM

    my son nam is alyan
    becouse i love of ahlil bait there for we are choise of the name of ahly bait
    i love the name of alyan haider

  3. on Monday 21st of September 2015 04:31:13 AM

    I think to name Abdul Alyan (slave of the one who is most high /supreme) would make more sense.
    & ALLAH knows best..

  4. on Wednesday 11th of November 2015 11:35:05 AM

    If we spell as Aaliyaan instead of Alyan, will the meaning remain same as Alyan, because people may call my baby Alean.

  5. on Tuesday 1st of March 2016 12:57:21 PM

    hi if i want to name my baby Mohammed Aliyaan is there bcos i love the name Aliyaan?

  6. on Saturday 19th of March 2016 12:26:48 PM

    Can we name Muhammad.Alyan? I like this name among all the names with A

  7. on Sunday 19th of June 2016 11:25:15 AM


    I am from Pakistan. Can we pronounce Alean as ”Aaliyaan”? We want to name our baby boy as Muhammad Aaaliyan Shandaar.

    Jazak Allah.

  8. on Tuesday 28th of June 2016 03:40:22 PM

    Salam brothers/sisters, my wife and i would like to name our new born boy as Aaliyaan Rahman. Please help us find the meaning.

  9. on Tuesday 28th of June 2016 03:48:48 PM

    Salam brothers/sisters, my wife and i would like to name our new born boy as Aalyaan Rahman. Please help us find the meaning

  10. on Wednesday 20th of July 2016 12:01:01 PM

    “Rasoolullah(saww) nay farmaya, bara bakheel hay wo shakhs ishq main, jisk Allah do ya thein baitay dayn aor un may say aik ka name Mohammad na rakhay”.
    So plz apny baito k name Mohammad rakhna shoro kardain. Agar neyyat sahih ho to name Mohammad rakhnay say bhi maghfirat ho sakthee hay.
    Assalamo Alaikom

  11. on Saturday 23rd of July 2016 06:36:56 AM

    Alyan is an indirect Quranic name for boys that means “one who climbs upwards”, “one who ascends”, figuratively meaning “high”, “supreme”, “exalted”, “great”. Alyan is an ancient Arabic name used since before Islam. It is derived from the AIN-L-A root which is also the root for the common name Ali.

  12. on Saturday 24th of December 2016 10:07:23 AM

    Assalam o alaikum

    My son name is muhammad alyan amir

  13. on Tuesday 11th of July 2017 03:53:02 PM

    Muhammad Aaliyaan means supreme, exalted or high, is it permesible to use such names which is usually used only for Allah subhana watala.

  14. on Tuesday 28th of November 2017 04:31:25 PM


    Can we use Aaliyan in Urdu and name meaning remains the same?


  15. on Sunday 21st of January 2018 07:40:05 AM

    Hi Can I Use Alyan Bashar Anyone Reply Correct or not

  16. on Sunday 18th of March 2018 08:33:54 PM

    Your explanation and those comments have helped quite a lot, I thank you all!

  17. on Monday 2nd of April 2018 04:02:30 PM

    Alyan and Aliyaan are different both by pronounction and I’m not sure but by meaning as well. So be careful about that. Real I think is ‘Alyan’ and I’m not sure Allah knows best.

  18. on Sunday 16th of September 2018 01:12:05 AM

    Aslaam o alaikum,
    I was reading with interest whereby some people think that the name or attribute associated with ALLAH (swt) cannot be used as a name for a creation like human child. Unfortunately this thinking is not right. Why?, well simple rather than going into long discussion and debate, remember one of the most admired personalities in muslim history is Hazrat Ali (RA), infact Ali could be second most prevalent name among muslims, Ali is name of ALLAH (Ism e sifati), there is no Hadith that our beloved Prophet sallalahoillaiwassalm ordered Hazarat Ali (RA) to change his name, if He would have ordered Hazarat Ali (RA) then he would have changed his name. Over centuries muslims have named their children ALI, and then later on this thinking of possibly indulging in shirk if you name your child on name used for ALLAH (SWT), and last point isnt all good names are of ALLAH (SWT), so should we use all bad names for our selves and our children.Please think

  19. on Thursday 8th of November 2018 11:26:45 AM

    AOA, My son name is Alyan Ahmad who is mashallah three years old.

  20. on Tuesday 24th of September 2019 07:46:37 AM

    Muhammad alyan is my favourite…insha Allah if the new baby is boy then it will this one.

  21. on Tuesday 10th of December 2019 06:54:41 PM

    Can we name our child as Syed Alyan or Muhammad Alyan ??
    Actually we are Syed family and people told us ,using Syed instead of Muhammad means from the same family of Muhammad… kindly help if any one have good knowledge about this

  22. on Saturday 10th of December 2022 11:10:55 PM

    AMuslim name should be strictly following Quran,Sunnah/Hadith,Sahaba’s Ijma & widely accepted Qias of Ulamae keram.Pervertion of Islamic traditional name is Bida’ah(innovation/pervertion any alien culture in Islam focussing as origin Islam).Holy ProphetSAW said that who follows the alien culture other than his Sunnah will be regarded as their also said regarding names parents will be accountable to Allah if they name children other than Islamic Allah guide all the believers to follow the Prophets Sunnah strictly for the peace,barakah,wellfare in both the World.

  23. on Saturday 10th of December 2022 11:29:50 PM

    Now-a-day it has been a fashion of some so called secular Muslims that they follow some rules of Islam but they never show any feeling to follow islamic culture tradition in their or community can’t understand whether he is a Muslim or belong to any other religion by their names,dress up,exchange of greetings & other manners .But Holy ProphetSAW said any one follows other alien culture than his Sunnah he belongs to their religion.Following alien’s name any Muslim can’t name his new born children ‘s name.

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