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A Quranic Name for Boys

Short meaning of AsifBrave, Strong and Courageous
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How to pronounce Asif

Ardent + SImple + Fierce

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Asif in Arabic)عاصف
Quranic Nature
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Directly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of AsifAasiyf Aasiph Aasiph Aseph Aceph Aesiph Aciph Aseyf Aeseyf Asiph Aeseph
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.
Quranic Root
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Meaning of Asif

Asif is a direct Quranic name for boys that means “strong”, “stormy”, “powerful”, “fierce”. It is mentioned four times in the Quran.

He it is Who enables you to journey through the land and the sea. And so it happens that when you have boarded the ships and they set sail with a favourable wind, and the passengers rejoice at the pleasant voyage, then suddenly a fierce gale appears, and wave upon wave surges upon them from every side, and people believe that they are surrounded from all directions, and all of them cry out to Allah in full sincerity of faith: ‘If You deliver us from this we shall surely be thankful. (Quran 10:22)

Asif is also sometimes used as a variant of Asaf, which is the supposed name of an adviser of Prophet Sulaiman/Solomon, peace be upon him.


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  1. Anonymous on Wednesday 2nd of December 2015 06:21:10 AM

    i love my name and my parents for give me this name…….

  2. Anonymous on Thursday 24th of March 2016 05:18:18 AM

    what is aasif name matlab hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Anonymous on Saturday 14th of May 2016 03:10:50 PM

    My grand mom gave me this name and she is no longer i love my grand mom and iam thankful to her

  4. Anonymous on Sunday 26th of June 2016 03:49:28 AM

    Aslamoelikum my name is Asif Mehmood and my father name is Muhammad boota can you tell me please which one stone is blong to my name thank you

  5. Anonymous on Thursday 30th of June 2016 05:59:19 AM

    I love my name Aasif bcoz its comes from my Parents…

  6. Anonymous on Monday 18th of July 2016 08:24:07 AM

    I love my name and my contact number 03013474570

  7. Anonymous on Wednesday 20th of July 2016 04:12:42 PM

    Asif with ” AAIN” means taur dene wali, that means strong in a negative sense (Fierce) , not a good name for muslims…
    Reference: Surah Yunas, Ayah 22

  8. Anonymous on Sunday 24th of July 2016 12:09:13 AM

    Asif name is good and asif name mining ..power full and angry ….asif name is good I like my name

  9. Anonymous on Monday 22nd of August 2016 06:11:45 PM

    Thats so good name i love my name and tha one who called me my name with love ::::::::::

  10. Anonymous on Wednesday 31st of August 2016 06:43:19 AM

    ye name mujhe mere father ne dya ha i love my father

  11. Anonymous on Wednesday 16th of November 2016 10:41:55 AM

    I love my name my mother give my name it means stormy

  12. Anonymous on Monday 12th of December 2016 08:04:58 AM

    My name asif malik. I love its name. Nd i thankfull to my grande father .

  13. Anonymous on Friday 16th of December 2016 10:21:20 AM

    I proude my name…because I hAve Asif name……………………………

  14. Anonymous on Monday 9th of January 2017 06:46:06 PM

    I love my name asif it gave us my father and mother and its my number03048738685

  15. Anonymous on Wednesday 8th of March 2017 09:24:03 PM

    I love my name too,, thanks dad for giving me this wonderful name,,,,, I wish you are with me

  16. Anonymous on Wednesday 8th of March 2017 09:27:20 PM

    I am ashif from India,, manipur imphal,,, I am relly greatful dad for giving this name… dad I wish u to be with me

  17. Anonymous on Thursday 9th of March 2017 11:37:23 AM

    I love my name Asif khan gauri..Father name gaffar khan gauri..I proud my name.. Asif means big person

  18. Anonymous on Thursday 30th of March 2017 05:30:06 PM

    yes i am also happy my name is asif ……schi its a great pleasure for me……

  19. Anonymous on Sunday 9th of April 2017 04:20:03 PM

    I am asif saleh naseer . My parents give my this name . I love it

  20. Anonymous on Tuesday 18th of April 2017 01:02:12 PM

    I love my name Asif it means powerful and I am so strong when I’m lifting them weights or letting rip gale force winds out here one love Asaf

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