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A Non-Quranic Name for Boys

How to pronounce Sepanta

SEt + PUN + TAsk

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Original Spellingسپنتا
How to write Sepanta in the original language, such as Arabic or Persian
Alternate spellings of SepantaSipanta
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.

This is NOT a Quranic name, but Muslims can use it since it has a good or neutral meaning.

Meaning of Sepanta

Sepanta is a Persian name for boys that means “pure”, “virtuous”, it comes from the Avestan language.

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Sunday 26th of April 2015 10:40:40 PM

    this is by far the most accurate thing i found on the internet
    it is a male name from the Avestan language meaning the god (power) of wiseness and beneficence

  2. on Tuesday 10th of May 2016 03:16:50 PM

    Sepanta is not a muslim name. This is an ancient Persian name.

  3. on Friday 22nd of July 2016 12:35:57 PM

    This is false information , why are you doing this. This is wrong and offending. Sepanta is an ancient persian name. The arabic language doesn’t have the word p or پ , neither it has the sound for it. Therfore sepanta can’t in anyway be Arabic nor Islamic.

  4. on Sunday 25th of December 2016 02:28:44 AM

    Sepanta IS NOT a Muslim name!!!! It originates in ancient Persia! Please do not spread wrong information.

  5. on Saturday 17th of March 2018 06:43:49 AM

    Sepanta is in Avestan book ( belong to ancient Persia,not arab/muslim) arabs doesn’t ” P ” in their language!

  6. on Monday 11th of February 2019 07:43:56 PM

    It is not a fucking Islamic name. Persian are not Muslim. We hate Arabian culture. We want to get rid of the Arabian culture from our country.

  7. on Thursday 15th of April 2021 02:46:13 PM

    it is not Islam Name……!! this is Iran Name old Name befor Islam.

  8. on Sunday 15th of August 2021 07:15:30 AM

    My son’s name is Sepanta.
    Sepanta is not a muslim name it’s a persian name.

  9. on Friday 1st of October 2021 10:57:49 PM

    What is the purpose of this website with a high SEO ranking ? It is very inappropriate to misleading people , brand your website as Quranic name then add almost all Persian and old Persian names and try to confuse users. Then add a text the name is not Quarnic name but have a nice meaning!!
    Either change your website name or remove persian names from your website.
    Sepanta name is nothing to do with Islam or Quran.

  10. on Saturday 15th of January 2022 02:56:02 PM

    Sepanta dates back before Islam and is a Persian name

  11. on Wednesday 11th of May 2022 06:16:03 AM

    The information has problemes , first of all its not Arabic name , second; IT’s GIRLS NAME .
    Thank you for make it correct

  12. on Monday 26th of September 2022 08:57:29 PM

    Sepanta is not a Muslim Name !!! Muslims don’t have the letter “P” in their language in the first place! the name belongs to the Avesta language and definitely it is Persian. it is a 100% male name !CORRECT IT !!

  13. on Monday 6th of February 2023 08:52:02 AM

    Persians nowadays are die hard muslims, so what if sepanta is an ancient persian name, modern persians are Muslims lol. It’s funny how everyone’s worked up about it.

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