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A Quranic Name for Girls

How to pronounce Iliya

Islam + pLay + pLay + swEEt + YUmmy

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Iliya in Arabic)عِلِّيَّة
Quranic Nature
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Indirectly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of IliyaIlliyyah Iliyah Iliah Elliyyah Eliyah Eliah Elyah Elliyya Elleie Elleia Elleea Elleye Elleya Elleyya Ellye
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.
Quranic Root
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All Quranic baby names derived from AIN-L-A:

Meaning of Iliya

Iliya is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means “belonging to those who are noble”, “belonging to the high class”, a person who comes from a respected class of society. It also means “those who belong to Illiyyeen“, which is the highest place in Paradise. It is derived from the AIN-L-A root which is used in many places in the Quran.

Limitless is He in His glory, and sublimely, immeasurably exalted above anything that men may say [about Him] (Quran 17:43)

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Friday 10th of April 2015 11:29:34 AM

    I named my baby girl EILIYAH…. only known the meaning of “the beautiful one who will grow in love and peace of Allah(sw). After i visited this website, i loved it more! JZKL!

  2. on Thursday 10th of December 2015 08:46:07 AM

    i am bearing the name iliya and have been looking for the islamic meaning of my name, but now i have found it and am proud to be adressed with it than even my surname. JZKL.

  3. on Friday 18th of November 2016 07:19:25 AM

    is it true that Jerusalem was known to be as Iliya?

  4. on Monday 17th of July 2017 09:55:30 PM

    I named my niece Eiliyah because of its beautiful meaning. Now I see it has more beautiful meanings.

  5. on Monday 30th of October 2017 07:57:34 PM

    It is also name of Bibi Zainab(a.s) grand daughter of Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him)

  6. on Thursday 18th of January 2018 06:17:45 PM

    How is it pronounced?
    And how do we write this in Urdu?

  7. on Wednesday 29th of May 2019 04:37:40 PM

    After reading this, I named my daughter Illiyyah Saalehah 🙂 She’s 8 Months Old now. Alhamdulillah

  8. on Thursday 6th of June 2019 03:45:23 PM

    So basically aliya?
    Yes or no
    Also spelling in Urdu

  9. on Friday 7th of June 2019 06:20:22 PM

    Iliya is a lovely girls name
    Pronounced eyeleear

  10. on Sunday 9th of June 2019 03:44:11 PM

    Aaaahh I used this site nearly a year back and now my little iylia has grown so much and is a big sister to Leon and Ivah xx

  11. on Saturday 7th of December 2019 01:20:35 AM

    How bout spelling Eliya without H?
    I found this name with this spelling means “beautiful, grown up with happiness and peace”.
    But i found more beutifuful meaning here.

  12. on Monday 15th of June 2020 10:16:40 AM

    Iliya is the name of my little princess. It is pronounced Eyeleea

  13. on Monday 11th of October 2021 08:16:44 AM

    There is mistake in ur Arabic as meanings change with a little change, it’s illiyah not illaiya (there should be zair and nit zabar on laam, as it is illiyeen).

  14. on Wednesday 20th of October 2021 09:55:44 PM

    How do I pronounce the female name Iliah. What is the origin and what does it mean? It is so beautiful!

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