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assalam o alikum please help me I wanna give my baby girl name asmara which means "beautiful butterfly " but my husband says name meaning should not mention butterfly ............why? its nice name


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Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

For the meaning of Asmara please see this page: Raameen, Rania and Asmara, meaning and if Islamic or Quranic

The "beautiful butterfly" meaning you mentioned is not from Arabic. But if it is correct and it is from another language, there is no issue with it and you can use it. There is no prohibition in Islam from using butterfly in a name. Osama means lion and Uthman means snake. Farasha, the Arabic word for butterfly, is also a popular name for Muslim girls among Arabs.

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Saturday 9th of September 2017 10:43:01 AM

    I Wanna give my baby girl name is “Asmara “. and i want to add one last name .but i can not find any name with this relevant. please help name is Fazley Rabbi

  2. on Wednesday 8th of August 2018 04:40:59 AM

    Please its a false faith! My daughter wants to give her daughter Asamara as a name. Its deeply saddens me because Ismasic is Anti Christ and no one should give a innocent baby something that truly is HATE!!! The Lord ddied for our sins!!! Love your God!!! Yeshua!!!

  3. on Wednesday 8th of August 2018 04:51:59 AM

    This faith only lies about its meaning. It tries to replace it with a so called lie beautiful butterfly. Trust and know its false!!!! Its a flase prophet the Ismaic Muslim Faith breeds Anti God Anti Government and that equals hate war and killing and destruction!!! Pleaae love your children and dont name them these names!!!! Love Yeshua!!! Your God!!!! Always!!!! Laney he knows your name!!!!

  4. on Wednesday 8th of August 2018 05:00:06 AM

    I pray for everybody that sees this page a diven protection against anti Christ spirit and God our Lord will always proctect his people and Yeshua is his Hebrew name and he is Jewish and is our King of Kings!!!!!!! Love your God always!!! But dont be fooled by Ismaic Muslim false phohects and know that the Lords knows ALL!!!!!!!!!!

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