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Assalamualaikum, could you please tell me the meaning and pronunciation of following girls names in the light of Quran and Islam....jazakAllah in advance! Raameen Rania Asmara


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Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

Raameen does not sound like any Arabic name or word I know of. It is however a Persian name for boys from a famous pre-Islamic Persian love story, Vis and Rameen. It is of Zoroastrian origin and the meaning is "joyful" and "tamer", one who tames animals. The meaning is not bad and it is a common name in the Middle East, for this reason you can use it if you like it, but it is not an Islamic name. I haven't seen it used for girls by Persians. But it is possible that this name has other origins in other cultures and they may use it for girls as well.

Rania is an indirect Quranic name for girls, it means "one who gazes at another person with love", and also means one who triumphs and overcomes.

Asmara [pronounced as (U)ltimate + (SM)art + h(U)mble + (RU)n] is a verb that is used for the moon, it means the moon didn't come up. It comes from Samar, moonless night. It also means "he/she stayed up during the night for conversation and didn't sleep". This is the verb that other names like Samir and Samira (night companion in conversation) come from. It is an indirect Quranic name. Asmara is also the Arabic and English name for the capital of Eritrea.

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