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A Quranic Name for Girls

Short meaning of EeshaLife and Alive
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How to pronounce Eesha

EAst + SHape + rUn

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Eesha in Arabic)عيشة
Quranic Nature
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Directly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of EeshaIsha Esha Eysha Eisha Ieycheh Ieychah Ieysheh Ieyshah Iecheh Iechah Iesheh Ieshah Eeycheh Eeychah Eeysheh
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.
Quranic Root
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Meaning of Eesha

Eesha is a direct Quranic name for girls that means life and way of life. It is mentioned twice in the Quran, in 69:21 and 101:7.

19. Then he who is given his record in his right hand will exclaim, ‘Here is my record, read it. 20. Surely, I knew that I should meet my reckoning,’ 21. And so he will find himself in a happy state of life. (Quran 69:19-21)

6. Then, the one whose good deeds weigh heavy on the scales, 7. will have a most pleasing life. (Quran 101:6-7)

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Thursday 1st of January 2015 02:57:12 PM

    I always wanted to know the meaning of my name as people spell it diffirently and i wanted to know the acutal meaning but when i found this website i was able to understand the true meaning of my name

  2. on Wednesday 29th of April 2015 09:02:49 AM

    Esha and Malaika name meaning in urdu and what like this twice?

  3. on Tuesday 7th of July 2015 10:59:23 AM

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  4. on Friday 6th of November 2015 12:27:08 PM

    i am eesha and i always wanted to know the meaning of my name my parents always told me that my name meaning was happniess.

  5. on Wednesday 9th of December 2015 11:23:53 AM

    all people spell my name differently…..please tell me the write spelling of my name as i write it Isha

  6. on Tuesday 19th of January 2016 02:47:04 AM

    Can i spell eesya instead of eesha. Is that bring the same meaning?

  7. on Friday 11th of March 2016 09:16:13 PM

    I want know my name meaning because people ask me about my name meaning so I don’t know about it

  8. on Sunday 17th of April 2016 08:54:07 AM

    People told me that it was a indian name but now i am satisfied

  9. on Sunday 7th of August 2016 05:50:48 PM

    Does my name Eesha mean desire???????????!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. on Monday 17th of October 2016 08:18:12 PM

    Can someone tell me related name with Eesha. Eesha is for girl but for boys????

  11. on Sunday 26th of March 2017 01:36:48 PM

    plz tell me what s meaning of my name plz tell me i dont know who are u but i like u i wait your answer

  12. on Tuesday 17th of October 2017 01:49:01 PM

    lucky nbr for name eesha has not been mentioned, plz mention it.

  13. on Saturday 28th of October 2017 03:52:05 PM

    Does Esha also mean desire? My parents always told me it means life but many websites have told me it means desire.

  14. on Tuesday 5th of December 2017 05:57:15 PM

    I also want to know about the meaning ov my Islam Esha is a name ov 5th prayer..

  15. on Tuesday 5th of December 2017 05:59:28 PM

    I also want to know about the meaning ov my Islam Esha is a name ov 5th prayer

  16. on Sunday 7th of January 2018 03:45:40 AM

    Eesha means life or alive cause in Quran qariah it says eesha tur rajioon diah

  17. on Tuesday 17th of April 2018 01:04:55 PM

    i spell my name as Esha so i wanna ask that is this spell has same meaning as written above????

  18. on Saturday 2nd of June 2018 11:45:55 PM

    hello my name is ESHA and my name meaning is EDEN BEE

  19. on Wednesday 5th of September 2018 04:40:48 PM

    This is my nam
    My name is isha
    And I love it

  20. on Tuesday 5th of February 2019 03:56:57 PM

    my name is esha and som people askd me its means night

  21. on Friday 13th of March 2020 03:39:00 PM

    Never knew so many people had my name Eesha and its in the Holy Quran

  22. on Friday 17th of April 2020 12:44:36 PM

    I have seen the meanings of Eesha as woman, desire,life, and alive. I was also told night rose? and would like to know if that is a possible meaning as well.

  23. on Monday 14th of March 2022 01:04:37 PM

    Esha means the lord and ruling goddess in Hinduism

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