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A Quranic Name for Girls

Short meaning of MalihaBeautiful and Radiant
See below for detailed meaning
How to pronounce Maliha

MUst + pLay + swEEt + HUmble

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Maliha in Arabic)مليحة
Quranic Nature
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Indirectly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of MalihaMelieha Meleeyhah Maleeheh Maleeha Malyhah Maliyhah Maliehe Meleeihah Maleyhe Meleeiha Maleeyha
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.
Quranic Root
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All Quranic baby names derived from M-L-H6:

Meaning of Maliha

Maliha is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means “woman with happy glowing face”, “beautiful”, “well-spoken”. It is derived from the M-L-H6 root (salt, beauty) which is used twice in the Quran.

It is He who released the two bodies of flowing water, one sweet and fresh and the other salty and bitter, and set up an insurmountable barrier between them. (Quran 25:53)

Reader Comments:

  1. Anonymous on Wednesday 3rd of June 2015 04:29:47 PM

    What is M-L-H6 of the name Maliha?
    Why is it writen so many times in so many places?

  2. Anonymous on Monday 13th of July 2015 10:34:20 PM

    Kiya ye Islamic nanam hai 9april2014suba 9 Baje mtalab batay

  3. Anonymous on Sunday 1st of January 2017 11:05:30 AM

    Salam aleykoum wa rahma toe Allahi wa baraķa tu.

    Can I spell the name maliha otherwise like Melia?

    Is that permissable

  4. Anonymous on Friday 17th of March 2017 07:22:19 PM

    My name is Maleha.
    Is this spelling can also be adopted as I use it?

  5. Anonymous on Wednesday 14th of June 2017 03:39:24 AM

    Meaning of Sanskrit girl names
    ◀ Kirtya/Kirtyaa कीर्त्या- “with fame”, famed, renown, glorious
    ● Kirti कीर्ति mention, making
    mention of, speech, good report, fame, renown, glory, Fame (personified as daughter of दक्ष and wife of धर्म ), (in music) a particular measure or time,extension, palace, temple, expansion, lustre
    * Kirtikari कीर्तिकरी -conferring fame. Here कीर्ति means renown + करी means conferring
    # Kirtikara कीर्तिकरा -conferring fame. Here कीर्ति means fame + कर/करा means conferring
    * Kirtita कीर्तिता -said, mentioned,
    celebrated, notorious. It is feminine of कीर्तित
    @ Kirtimati कीर्तिमती -famed, glorious,Name of Dakshayani /दाक्षायणी. Here कीर्ति means fame + मती means one having
    ● Kirtimayi कीर्तिमयी -consisting of fame. Here कीर्ति means glory + मयी means having
    @ Kirtimalini कीर्तिमालिनी- ‘garlanded with fame’ .Here कीर्ति means fame+ मालिनी means garlanded
    * Kirtiyuta कीर्तियुता -famous. Here कीर्ति means fame युग/युता means consisting/having
    @ Kirtidhara कीर्तिधरा -famed, renown. Here कीर्ति means fame + धरा means bearing
    ★ Kirtana कीर्तना -fame, mentioning, celebrating
    * Kirtayanti कीर्तयन्ती- Praising, celebrating
    ♥ Shuchina शुचिना -shining, glowing,
    bright, white, clear,clean, pure, unsullied ,honest, virtuous
    ◀ Shuchini शुचिनी- bright, clean, pure, white, virtuous
    ☆ Shuchiti शुचिति shining, radiant,
    brilliantly white, white, clear, pure,
    undefiled, innocent, honest, virtuous
    ☆ Sheetali/Shitali शीतली -cold, cool,
    shivering, frosty,cold i.e. free from passion, calm, Name of an Yogic exercise (Pranayama)
    * Shitala/Sheetala शीतला -cool, cold
    Pistia Stratiotes, a red cow, small-pox, the goddess inflicting small-pox
    ◀ Mridvi/Mridwi मृद्वी -soft, delicate, pliant, gentle ,slight, moderate,
    slow (gait)It is feminine of मृदु. It is joining of मृदु + ई
    ♥ Mriduka मृदुका -soft, delicate woman, Name of an Apsara
    * Mridugamana मृदुगमना – having a slow gait’, a goose, female swan. Here मृदु means soft + गमन/गमना means going
    * Mridugamini मृदुगामिनी- going softly, having a soft or gentle gait. Here मृदु means soft/gentle + गामिनी means going(female)
    ★ Manohara मनोहरा -‘heart-stealing’, fascinating, attractive, beautiful,
    Jasminum Multiflorum or Pubescens
    . Here मनः means heart + हरा means to steal/attract
    ♧ Manohari मनोहरी -‘heart-stealing ‘,
    attractive, charming, beautiful,
    Piper Longum. Here मनः means heart + हरी means stealing/attract
    # Manoharini मनोहारिणी -Beautiful, pleasing, attractive. Here मनः means heart + हारिणी means attracting
    # Manohva मनोह्वा -red arsenic (मनोऽभिधा )
    @ Manohlada मनोह्लादा -joy of the heart Here मन: means heart + ह्लाद/ह्लादा means joy
    @ Manohladini मनोह्लादिनी -gladdening the heart. It is feminine of मनोह्लादिन् . Here मनः means heart + ह्लादिनी means gladdening
    ◀ Mridva मृद्वा- delicate, gentle, soft
    ♥ Mriduna मृदुना- gentle, soft, mild
    ◀ Mriduni मृदुनी- gentle, soft, moderate
    ☆ Mridula मृदुला- soft, delicate, moderate. Here मृदु means softness + ला means having/taking
    ● Mriduta मृदुता -softness, tenderness, mildness, weakness
    ◀ Mauli मौलि -the head, the top of anything, chief, foremost, best,
    Jonesia Asoka, a diadem, crown, crest, a tuft or lock of hair left on the crown of the head after tonsure, a top-knot (= चूडा) ,hair ornamented & braided round the head (=धम्मिल्ल )
    the earth
    * Maulie मौली -the earth
    ♥ Maulini मौलिनी -having anything uppermost or turned upwards,
    being at the head, chief, having a diadem or crown, diademed, crested. It is feminine of मौलिन्
    * Maulimala मौलिमाला -a crown/wreath worn on the head. Here मौलि means head + माला means wreath
    @ Maulimalika मौलिमालिका -a crown worn on the head. Here मौलि means head + मालिका means wreath
    ▶ Maula मौला -derived from roots (as poison), handed down from antiquity , ancient (as a custom), holding office from previous generations,
    hereditary (as a minister or warrior)
    aboriginal, indigenous, native. It is feminine form of word मौल
    @ Maulimani मौलिमणि -a crest gem, jewel worn in a diadem

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