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A Quranic Name for Girls

How to pronounce Nazira

NAtural + Zoom + lIttle + RUn

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Nazira in Arabic)ناضرة
Quranic Nature
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Directly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of NaziraNazirah Naazira Naazirah Nazerah Naazerah Naadira Nodeera Nadirah Nadiyra Nahdra Nahdrah Naziyreh Naziyrah Nazereh Nazerah
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.
Quranic Root
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Meaning of Nazira

Nazira describes beauty and radiance in a person’s face. The Quran uses the word to describe the faces of the residents of Jannah (Paradise).

[Some] faces, that Day, will be radiant {75:22}

You will find in their faces the brightness of bliss. {83:24}

This name should not be confused with the popular Arab name Naaderah (in which the ‘d’ is the Arabic letter dal instead of dhaal), which means ‘rare’, and is not a Quranic name. Obviously most non-Arabs would pronounce both names the same way, but it is good if the person named such knows what the correct pronunciation of their name is. Thus Naadhirah, the Quranic name that this entry is about, has the letter ‘dhal’, which is the letter that you read in ‘ghairal maghdhoobi alaihim waladhaaleen’ in Suratul Fatiha.

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