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A Quranic Name for Girls

Short meaning of Maira
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How to pronounce Maira

sMArt + Islam + RUn

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Arabic Spelling (How to write Maira in Arabic)مائرة
Quranic Nature
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Indirectly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of MairaMaeire Maaira Mairah Maeyrah Maeirah Maayra Maera Maireh Maaera Mairah Maayre
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Quranic Root
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Meaning of Maira

Maira is an indirect Quranic name for girls that has two meanings from two different roots, both of which are mentioned in the Quran. The first meaning comes from the M-W-R root and means “light”, “swift”, “fast-moving”, “penetrating” (an arrow or bullet that’s able to penetrate an object). It is used in the Quran in 52:9:

On the day when the heavens will swiftly fly

It can also be derived from the M-Y-R root, the meaning in this way would become “bringer of food”, “fetcher of food”, a girl or woman who goes to buy food and bring it to someone or a group of people, such as her family. This root is used in Surat Yusuf:

When they opened their packs, they discovered that their money had been returned to them. They said, ‘Our father, what more do we desire than this? This money of ours has been returned to us, so we shall [again] buy food for our family and we shall guard our brother, and we shall obtain an additional camel-load of grain. This [what we have brought now] is only a small quantity.’ (Quran 12:65)


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  1. Anonymous on Thursday 6th of November 2014 09:34:45 PM

    Is there anyway you can provide a detailed meaning for this name please? I am not sure how this particular word is being located in Surat Yusuf 12:65?

  2. QuranicNames.com Staff on Thursday 6th of November 2014 11:24:05 PM

    @2: It is an indirect Quranic name, meaning that you cannot locate it directly in the Quran, you can only locate its root. Thus in Surat Yusuf the word is nameeru (“we will get food”) which is from the M-Y-R root, which Maira is also derived from, making Maira indirectly related to nameeru, thus making it an indirect Quranic name.

  3. Anonymous on Tuesday 23rd of June 2015 02:50:22 PM

    What would Mairamu mean. If you could help me understand it would be nice. Jzk.

  4. Anonymous on Saturday 1st of August 2015 10:18:17 PM

    Assalaamu alaikum, I am still wondering what would Mairamu mean. If you could help me understand it would be nice. Jzk.

  5. Anonymous on Monday 24th of August 2015 07:21:12 AM

  6. Anonymous on Monday 24th of August 2015 07:21:52 AM

  7. Anonymous on Friday 18th of March 2016 09:44:37 AM

    Thanks for giving lmportant information 2 me its very useful for searching muslim girles names thanks once again

  8. Anonymous on Friday 8th of April 2016 11:12:15 AM

    thanks for sharing.
    http://www.videoonline.pk .

  9. Anonymous on Saturday 16th of April 2016 11:24:54 PM

    Lies!!! Your soo called findings of this name being from the quoran is misleading.

  10. Anonymous on Saturday 30th of July 2016 02:38:04 PM

    koi mujha Maira ka Nam ka. meni bata DA please advance thanks
    Tanvir sagar

  11. Anonymous on Wednesday 9th of November 2016 07:00:36 AM

    but i thought that maira means helping other people are you wrong

  12. Anonymous on Sunday 13th of November 2016 07:24:21 PM

    cool my name is a quranic name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous on Friday 17th of March 2017 03:55:39 PM

    Allah give me a daughter on Friday at 1.50 pm.
    I like this name (Maira). Is this good name for her ?

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