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A Quranic Name for Girls

How to pronounce Zikra

Zoom + lIttle + Cute + RAndom

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Arabic Spelling (How to write Zikra in Arabic)ذكرى
Quranic Nature
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Alternate spellings of ZikraZekra Zikraa Dhikra Dhikraa Dikra Dekra Zykra Zykera Ziykra Ziykra Ziykraa Zekra Zekraa Zeykra Zeykraa
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Quranic Root
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Meaning of Zikra

Zikra is a direct Quranic name for girls that means “memory”, “recollection”, “thoughts of the past”, “remembrance”. The word Zikra is used about 20 times in the Quran.

Is it not sufficient for them that We have sent you down the Book to be recited to them? In this surely there is a blessing and a remembrance for a people who believe. (Quran 29:51)

Those [the previous prophets] were the people whom God guided. Follow their guidance then and say, ‘I ask no reward for this from you: it is only a remembrance for all mankind.’ (Quran 6:90)

In standard Arabic, Zikra pronounced with a “th” sound at the beginning, similar to the word “that” in English. But since this is difficult to pronounce, most Arabs pronounce with it with a “z” sound (many Arabic dialects don’t even have a “th” sound in any word). To keep things simple and easy, it is best to spell and pronounce this name with a Z instead of the less comon Th and Dh.

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Monday 29th of February 2016 02:58:58 AM

    Is fathima ishama or fathima ishara muslim name or not?

  2. on Wednesday 25th of May 2016 04:52:56 PM

    No its wrong ”’ meaning of zikra is zikr karna”’first you cheak in quraan

  3. on Wednesday 21st of March 2018 07:18:59 PM

    Zikr means reminder or remembrance as used in the Qur’an. so Zikrah means reminder and remembrance of Allah and a female given name. just like Rahman is to Rahama

  4. on Wednesday 19th of December 2018 12:50:56 PM

    ‘Naseehat’. In both places in Qur’an quoted by you the translation in reliable books in not remembrance but “naseehat” (meaning sage advice).

  5. on Monday 5th of August 2019 10:39:33 PM

    Zikra means advice naseehat to remember Allah SWT feminine for Zakir since it’s naseehat so a name for the Qur’an

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