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A Quranic Name for Boys

How to pronounce Yusuf

YOU + Sweet + pUt + Fun

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Yusuf in Arabic)يُوْسُف
Quranic Nature
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Directly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of YusufYoosuf Yusif Yusef Yoosef Yousuf Yousef Yosoph Yosof Yosouf Yosuwf Yosowf Yosuph Yosuf Yousof Yousouf
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.

Meaning of Yusuf

Yusuf is a Quranic name for boys that refers to one of the prophets of the Quran, whose name is mentioned 27 times and chapter 12 of the Quran, known as Surat Yusuf, is dedicated entirely to his story. Yusuf is an ancient name that means “God gives”, “God increases” in the Bible, its meaning is not mentioned in the Quran.

“And [remember:] it was to you that Yusuf came aforetime with all evidence of the truth; but you never ceased to throw doubt on all [the messages] that he brought you – so much so that when he died, you said, ‘Never will God send any apostle after him!’ “In this way God lets go astray such as waste their own selves by throwing suspicion [on His revela­tions]. (Quran 40:34)

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Friday 26th of June 2015 10:54:26 AM

    waaaaoooow so happy to bear the name Yusuf, just like ”so Sweet”

  2. on Saturday 11th of July 2015 10:05:43 AM

    My newphew name is yusuf and he also is very sweeth

  3. on Tuesday 15th of September 2015 06:38:22 PM

    Yusuf ,yacoob all Allah kept names ,,special is all choosen people

  4. on Thursday 17th of September 2015 05:23:17 PM

    Good and beautiful name. As we know Yusuf [Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him] was the most beautiful human being that ever existed.

  5. on Friday 18th of September 2015 09:22:29 PM

    there was a Yusuf in my primary schl, but he wasnt sweet ………………….. :I

  6. on Sunday 11th of October 2015 09:42:31 AM

    My hubby name is yusuf and he is dmm nice person I have ever meet in my lyf

  7. on Monday 12th of October 2015 11:18:17 AM


  8. on Thursday 29th of October 2015 04:56:11 PM

    Eusuff or eusoff is it still acceptable? I love the spelling like this however not sure if the meaning will change.

  9. on Sunday 27th of December 2015 07:39:32 PM

    Beautiful & handsome prophet with a beautiful name, my nephew’s name is also the same & i can say that he is in real Handsome & Beautiful boy. 🙂

  10. on Thursday 14th of January 2016 10:26:26 AM

    Narrated Abu Huraira:
    Allah’s Apostle was asked, “Who are the most honorable of the people?” The Prophet said, “The most honorable of them in Allah’s Sight are those who keep their duty to Allah and fear Him. They said, “We do not ask you about that.” He said, “Then the most honorable of the people is Yusuf, Allah’s prophet, the son of Allah’s prophet, the son of Allah’s prophet, the son of Allah’s Khalil i.e. Ibrahim) They said, “We do not ask you about that.” The Prophet said, Do you ask about (the virtues of the ancestry of the Arabs?” They said, “Yes,” He said, “Those who were the best amongst you in the Pre-lslamic Period are the.

    Yusuf means “Allah increases in piety, power and influence”

  11. on Thursday 19th of May 2016 04:36:44 AM

    I’m so happy that name is Yousef and hey we are the most beautiful people in the world ahah

  12. on Thursday 6th of October 2016 07:31:58 PM

    l my self am called yusufu wen ever hear da name yusufu l feel soo happy am praud to me and my name l thank God 4 a nice and good name l hv becz it waz aname of aprophet

  13. on Tuesday 20th of December 2016 01:49:22 PM

    I had a baby boy Allhamdullilah whom i named Yusuf.. he is soo adorable Mash’Allah. Love the name..

  14. on Wednesday 1st of February 2017 10:32:34 PM

    My name is yusuf and Am happy to bear d name…… am looking Good like prophet yusuf….. if u will like to meet me…. reach me on 08183179950

  15. on Tuesday 13th of June 2017 10:31:16 PM

    am proud to bear that very special name yusuf.the most handsome prophet ever….. my next world i will still bear the name yusuf

  16. on Friday 18th of August 2017 08:22:11 PM

    My brother name is Yusuf . And he is looking so handsome. And quite he is so intelligent and I am so happy to this name

  17. on Thursday 21st of September 2017 09:25:24 PM

    Insha Allah am yusuf bn mooshud and very handsome am happy to bear dat name cos is a prophet name. Nabbiy yusuf bn yakub.yakub bn ishaaq .ishaaq bn ibrohim.ibrohim d imam of all human being

  18. on Tuesday 6th of March 2018 02:18:17 PM

    Inshallah god gives those with the name Yusuf, the same morals and qualities described in the holy story of Yusuf/Joesph

  19. on Friday 9th of March 2018 09:09:28 PM

    My name is Yusuf and am proud of my name and anytime i hear my name i always feel happy bcos its a name of a very hansome prophet

  20. on Tuesday 15th of May 2018 06:11:12 PM

    My daddy name yusuf and he is very sweet and very hansom i love my dad

  21. on Friday 20th of July 2018 12:14:41 PM

    I am also Yusuf and I love Prophet Muhammad, Yusuf and all of them. I just observed that girls stare at me often and get attached easily. I’m intelligent, shy, handsome and Love Allah. May Allah shower us with is Blessing.

  22. on Wednesday 15th of August 2018 10:52:55 AM

    my boyfriend name is yusuph and he is very kind and loving

  23. on Monday 8th of October 2018 08:25:29 AM

    My adorable baby boy is called yusuf his name is so sweet and soft sounding
    Goes perfect with brother yahya who sadly passed away

  24. on Wednesday 17th of October 2018 01:14:09 PM

    I know a yussuf he is an asshole who lives on lagos island

  25. on Friday 19th of October 2018 10:57:26 AM

    I hve a boy baby I named him yusuf bcoz I love that name Ma sha Allah he s very beautiful , the name n description perfectly suits him.

  26. on Thursday 25th of July 2019 07:27:29 PM

    My name is Yusuf i love that name Ma sha Allah am very brilliant and handsome that name called Yusuf is a name of joy and progress

  27. on Thursday 23rd of January 2020 01:07:48 PM

    Write your comment here…i am yussuf and am proud of my name.

  28. on Saturday 17th of April 2021 08:28:10 PM

    Am also named yusuf handsome shy and mind free from all bad thing and alway does every prophet muamad says

  29. on Monday 17th of May 2021 05:43:41 PM

    Am proudly Yusuf.. Am so happy that my name is Yusuf

  30. on Sunday 9th of October 2022 07:33:14 PM

    yes am allso yusuf by name shy and loving people around me and i thank god for my perents for naming me yusuf

  31. on Friday 9th of December 2022 11:06:11 PM


  32. on Saturday 4th of February 2023 03:13:21 PM

    My jaan name is yusuf and he is brilliant, handsome and very kind and loving

  33. on Thursday 9th of March 2023 05:15:23 PM

    My cousin’s is named yousouf,he was an excellent guy,am so much attached to Allah protect every yousouf in earth

  34. on Thursday 17th of August 2023 05:37:05 PM

    Yusuf beutyfull na me i like so much i love the nane yusuf nabi is the beuty in the world

  35. on Monday 13th of November 2023 11:36:23 AM

    Alhamdulillah, It sweet me, insha Allah I would nam
    e my child yusuf

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