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Can you please tell me the meaning of 'Anniyah/Aania' and 'Maisa' according to Quran. I am soon expecting a baby girl n I love these two names but I m really confused about there meanings in Quran as I found several different meanings online!


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Did you mean Anaya or Anayah? In this case please read this post about Anaya If not continue reading:

Aaniyah is actually two names. One of them starts with the letter 'ain', like in assalamu (`A)laikum. This one means a person who is caring and takes care of people and who speaks correctly and means what she says. The other name starts with the letter A like the English letter a in (As)salamu `alaikum. This one means a person who has reached their true potential and maturity.

The pronunciation of this name is as follows in English words: (A)fter + NI(ckname) + YU(mmy). The stress is on the A at the beginning, i.e. the A is a long A like in Arm, Art.

The root of `Aaniyah (caring person) (`A-N-A) is mentioned in many places in the Quran, as in Surat al-Fatihah: "You we worship and You we ask for help." For the phrase "ask for help" in Arabic it says "nastaeen", which comes from the same root as `Aaniyah.

The root of Aaniyah (a person who has reached their potential) (A-N-I) is mentioned in the Quran in 33:53: "O YOU who have attained to faith! Do not enter the Prophet’s dwellings unless you are given leave; [and when invited] to a meal, do not come [so early as] to wait for it to reach a state of readiness". "state of readiness" in Arabic is inahu, which is a word that comes from the same root as Aaniyah.

Ma`isah means someone who walks proudly, or someone who is tall and has a beautiful shape. This word is not mentioned in the Quran. So it is Arabic but not Islamic. The pronounciation is as in MA(ster) + I(slam) + SU(n).

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  1. on Tuesday 25th of July 2017 09:32:15 AM

    In surah 88:5 aaniyah means boiling. عين أنيه..boiling spring

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