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I am looking for a name that is pronounced the same in both arabic and english and is derived from the quran. Its very hard to find a pretty name with a nice meaning. We were thinking Danya? (Dan-Ya)


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Danya is another spelling of Dania, you can see its details here: Dania

This page on our site has many names for girls, all of them from the Quran:

Also look at:

Here is also an additional list, all of them from the Quran:

Hamda (praiseworthy)
Liyana (soft and delicate)
Muneerah (source of light)
Najiah (safe)
Naaylah (ambitious)
Najiah (safe)
Nadia and Nadiah (grass or ground that's wet by dew, gracious, kind)
Naasirah and Nasra (supporter, especially supporter of Allah's religion)
Naimah (soft and delicate)
Nafiah and Nafeea (bringer of good and benefit)
Nafilah (blessings)

Nala (generous woman)
Naba (news)
Najah and Najat (safety and being saved and rescued)
Najd (high and elevated place)
Najdiah (from a high place)
Najmah (star)
Najwah (safety)
Najwaa (whisper, prayer)
Najidah (lioness)
Nahlaa (something given as charity)
Nakhlah (pure and special, palm tree)
Nakheel (pure and special, palm tree)
Nidaa (a call)
Nazeera (bringer of important news)
Naseeba (high status lady)
Nashaat (active, opposite of lazy)
Nashr (breeze)
Nadhaar or Nazaar (gold)
Nidhaal/Nizaal (struggle for a good cause)
Nadhrah/Nazrah (beauty)
Nadheerah/Nazeerah (beautiful)
Nimah/Neemah/Nimat/Neemat (Allah's blessings and bounty)
Nimaa (a life filled with blessings and bounty)
Naeem (living in blessings and with peace of mind)
Naeemah (someone who lives in peace)
Nawaem (soft and delicate)
Nawaal (gift from Allah)
Noor (light and radiance)
Nooraa (same as Noor)
Noorah (ray of light)
Nooriya (strong light)
Neerah (continuous light and radiance)
Nohor (rivers)

Nahaa (ultimate goal)
Nadia and Nadiah (grass or ground that's wet by dew, gracious, kind)
Sabrah means patient.
Naala (generous woman)
Najdiah (from a high place)
Najwaa (whisper, prayer)

Nazeera (bringer of important news)

Naseeba (high status lady)

Nooraa (light)

Nahlaa (something given as charity)
Safaa is a place in Mecca visited during Haj.
Sajidah means a woman who prostrates to Allah often.
Salihah means a pious and virtuous woman.
Samaa means high-status and exalted.
Sakina means source of peace and tranquility
Sajaa (calm and tranquil)
Sajwaa (calm and tranquil, calm breeze)
Sarab (mirage)
Saraa (happiness and ease)
Soroor (happiness)
Sadiya, Saeeda (happiness and success)
Salwaa (remover of sadness)
Samaaha and Sameehah (forgiving, gracious)
Somayyah (exalted and high status)
Saudah (lady, and name of one of the wives of the Prophet SAW)
Sidra (a tree in Paradise, and the name of a Sahabiyyah)

Umniyah (wish and hope)
Sonbolah (ear of wheat)
Manara (source of light)
Taeebah (a woman who always repents to Allah)

Qanitah (a woman who always remembers Allah)

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