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I would like to give my baby as a name Nabiha…kindly suggest with the correct meaning


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Nabiha, pronounced as (NU)mber + (BEE) + (HU)mble, with a stress on the "BI" part, is a non-Quranic name for girls that means "honorable", "respected", "aware." Its male version is Nabih, which has the same meaning and is pronounced as (NU)mber + (BEE) + (H)umble. Nabiha can also be spelled as Nabeeha, Nabeehah, Nabihah, Nabeihah. Nabih can also be spelled as Nabeeh, Nabeih, Nebih, Nebeeh.

A related name is Nabeha, pronounced as (N)ew + r(A)ndom + (B)eaut(I)ful + (HU)mble. It has the same meaning as Nabiha, but it is pronounced with a long "Na", as in Naabiha. The stress is on the "Na" part. It can also be spelled as Nabiha, Naabeha, Naabiha, Nabehah, Naabehah, Naabehah, etc. Its male version is Nabeh, pronounced as (N)ew + r(A)ndom + (B)eaut(I)ful + (H)umble. It can also be spelled as Naabeh, Nabih, Naabih.

None of the above names are from the Quran, but since their meaning is good, Muslims can use them.

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Thursday 7th of January 2016 02:06:39 PM

    yes this is a good name its my sisters name too.the effects are that she is shy but when she is alone with her family(us)she talks and talks and doesnt stop she is innocent and does what anyone tells her but it doesnt take her much turning into being stubborn and very angry and she starts fighting she gets borred easily but when the topic is fit to her liking its like she knows everything about it then she is very brilliant and comes first in her classes and she is beautiful as well

  2. on Sunday 10th of September 2017 07:44:27 PM

    My daughter is nabiha and she is fiesty .intelligent and also gets bored easily is also indeed very beautiful mashallah…nabihas are strong minded girls

  3. on Wednesday 18th of October 2017 09:00:12 PM

    Guys could you please help me out what is the reality of names banned in Saudi Arabia nabiya name is also include in the list what should I do I am very much confused my daughter is also nabiha

  4. on Sunday 12th of August 2018 07:41:28 AM

    my daughter name is nabiha and she is very honest ,beautiful,caring,shy a bit but talkative with known ones.highly active ,likes to play,study,watch tv .gets irritated beautiful also.

  5. on Thursday 28th of March 2019 03:17:42 PM

    My name is also Nabeeha so I was trying to find it meaning thanks!

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