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A Non-Quranic Name for Boys

How to pronounce Muawiyah

Man + pUt + After + WIn + YUmmy

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Original Spellingمُعَاوية
How to write Muawiyah in the original language, such as Arabic or Persian
Alternate spellings of MuawiyahMuaawiya Muawiya Mu'awiya Mo'awiya Moaweyah
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.

This is NOT a Quranic name, but Muslims can use it since it has a good or neutral meaning.

Meaning of Muawiyah

Muawiyah is an Arabic word for boys that literally means “one who howls”, from the root AIN-W-A (“to howl”), and it refers to female dogs and the cubs of foxes, lions, and other animals. Muawiyah was the name of the founder of the Omayyad empire, the Sahabi Muawiyah bin Abu Sufyan. It is not a Quranic name but Muslims can use since it existed during the time of the Prophet ﷺ and he didn’t ask the name to be changed (like he changed those names that he found unacceptable).

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Sunday 1st of May 2016 09:16:11 PM

    Muawiya radiyallahu anhu was a sahaba of rasoolullah sallallahu Alayhi wasallam. He is not responsible for his sons actions who was a tyrant.knowledge is fard on every Muslim. Repent to Allah

  2. on Sunday 1st of May 2016 09:26:47 PM

    our beloved prophet pbuh says:
    Whoever abuses my Companions, upon them is the curse of Allah, the angels and all the people” [Saheeh, At-Tabaranee]

    “Do not abuse my Companions, for if any of you were to spend gold equal to (mountain of) Uhud in charity, it would not equal a handful of one of them or even half of that” [al-Bukharee, Muslim].

  3. on Monday 9th of May 2016 06:26:14 AM

    Muawiyah-(R.A),a man of immense political eligibilities that tease masses.

  4. on Saturday 27th of August 2016 12:06:37 AM

    Radhi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu, may peace blessings upon him on his family. The first writer of Quran and relative,close companion of prophet(sas)

  5. on Monday 16th of October 2017 02:01:27 PM

    A no of sahabih,s were also martyred during his dynasty like Hz hijr bin Adee and Allies but thet were brutally murdered b4 message of Ami aeysha R.a reached him.islami tareekh ; he ws so kind person……results by Almighty……

  6. on Tuesday 14th of November 2017 06:09:37 PM

    Curses on this tyrant, his son and his household.

  7. on Monday 9th of April 2018 08:35:04 AM

    *لفظ ‘معاویہ’ کا معنی*
    “معاویہ رات کے آخری پہر میں آسمان پر چمکنے والے ستارے کا نام ھے کہ جس کے طلوع ھونے پر کتے بھونکنا شروع کر دیتے ھیں”<دیکھئےلسان العرب جلد ١٥ صحفہ ١٠٧سے ١١٢<

  8. on Sunday 16th of September 2018 10:55:06 AM

    The historical person who have following qualities-:
    1.He along with his father “abu sufiyan” converted into islam after victory on mecca by rasool (pbuh) under the sword to save their lives.
    2.His mother “hinda” chewed the heart of Hazrat Hamza bin abdul muttalib in battle of uhud.
    3.His son killed nephew of rasool (pbuh) i.e imam husain a.s
    4.He murdered Imam Hasan a.s, nephew of rasool (pbuh).
    5.He battled hazrat ali (as) during his khilafat known as battle of siffin.
    6.He took the quran on swords when he was just about to be killed by malike ashtar in battle of siffin.
    Now with these qualities you can decide easily that will Allah will be raazi from him or not. I think he will not.

  9. on Friday 30th of November 2018 05:29:11 AM

    Muawiya means female dog who howls in Lughat Munjid it is written Bhaukne wali kutiya

  10. on Tuesday 25th of December 2018 08:10:56 PM


  11. on Saturday 18th of May 2019 12:53:05 AM

    Muawiya the cursed reality was that his cursed father spent his life torturing the Holy Prophet and his cursed mother Hinda ate the Holy Prophet pbuh uncle Hazrat Hamzas liver He himself fought and cursed “nafs e rasool” Hazrat Ali and killed the Prophets grandson “master of Heaven “ Imam Hassan and many other Sahabis of the Prophet and his cursed son Yazīd butchered the Prophets grandson imam Hussain Masters of Heaven and his family. History went into the hands of this cursed family so lies were made up to try and elevate his status that he wrote the Holy Quran which is a LIE study his life it’s full of courruption and Allah’s curse is on him and his entire family. The truth shall prevail always. As his name aptly suggests he was a bitch a she DoG and howeled like a she DoG the meaning of his name perfectly suits his character

  12. on Saturday 26th of October 2019 02:59:17 PM

    Since Muawiya was a Munafiq, who and whose father became Muslim after the Victory of Mecca by the Muslims, I don’t think we should use his name for our kids, also, since his son Yazid only gained the throne due to him, he is directly responsible for Yazid’s killing of the Household of the Prophet s.a.w.w, if still we will support him, we will actually be considered enemy by the Prophet and his family so we should all refrain from using such bad names.

  13. on Sunday 27th of October 2019 08:07:06 PM

    He is the one who broke the sunnat, broke the truce with Imaam Hasan, killed thousand of Muslims in Sifeen , killed Amar e Yasir , Imaam Hassan and appoint Yazid as successor. Curse Imam Ali from Pulpit. If he is raziullah Anhu than Hitler should be go in Jannat.

  14. on Sunday 27th of October 2019 08:49:57 PM

    معاویہ کا مطلب ہے بھوکنے والی کتیا
    اور یہ پرانی عربی اسطلاح ہے۔

  15. on Sunday 17th of May 2020 02:45:51 PM

    Mawiya was the son of abu sufyan and hinda.
    Hinda who chewed hazrat Hamza liver.
    Any more intro required

  16. on Monday 18th of May 2020 11:47:37 AM

    we call him razi Allahu an hum wa razu anh, now it is between Allah n Muawiyyah RA, what happened then, who we are to judge!!! but what v r doing, r v certified enough to go to jannah, r we the people Allah is supposed to be happy from, we r 100% responsible for our deeds. so leave this argument n worry about your self n your qabar n your hashar.

  17. on Monday 22nd of June 2020 09:51:30 PM

    our beloved prophet pbuh says:
    Whoever abuses my Companions, upon them is the curse of Allah, the angels and all the people” [Saheeh, At-Tabaranee]

    “Do not abuse my Companions, for if any of you were to spend gold equal to (mountain of) Uhud in charity, it would not equal a handful of one of them or even half of that” [al-Bukharee, Muslim].

    Any person abuse or criticize sayedna muawiyah he is totally ignorance who doesn’t understand Islam.

  18. on Thursday 27th of August 2020 07:23:02 AM

    मुआबिया एक कुत्ता, बागी, जलील था। उसने आले रसूल से जंग की थी।

  19. on Thursday 27th of August 2020 07:28:12 AM

    मुआविया एक कुत्ता, बागी, ​​जलील था। उसने आले रसूल से जंग की थी।

  20. on Friday 28th of August 2020 12:13:09 PM

    جناب لفظِ معاویہ کا معنی و مطلب عربی اِصطلاح میں ہے
    ”وہ کتیا جو ایامِ مخصوصہ کی حالت میں ہو اور اس کے پیچھے کتے لگے ہوں وہ خود بھی بھونکے اور دوسرے کتوں کو بھی بھونکنے پر مجبور یا راغب کرے“

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