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Moein ad-Deen

A Quranic Name for Boys

Moein ad-Deen is variant of Muinudeen and has the exact same meaning and pronunciation (see below for full meaning). You can use either Moein ad-Deen or Muinudeen, both are correct and acceptable. If you like this variant more and you'd like to pronounce it the way it is spelled (different than the original name), this is perfectly acceptable. For more details please see the main entry at: Muinudeen.

Full Meaning of Moein ad-Deen

Moein ad-Deen is an indirect Quranic name for boys that means “helper of the faith”, one who helps and supports Islam. It is derived from Muin (helper), which comes from the Ain-W-N Quranic root, and Deen (religion, creed, faith), which comes from the D-Y-N Quranic root. Both of these roots are used often in the Quran and Deen is directly mentioned in the Quran.

And seek help  in steadfast patience and prayer: and this, indeed, is a hard thing for all but the humble in spirit. (Quran 2:45)

He said, ‘What My Lord has given me is better [than any tribute]. Help me with a force of laborers and I will erect a barrier between you and them. (Quran 18:95)

And strive hard in (the way of) Allah, (such) a striving as is due to Him; He has chosen you and has not laid upon you an hardship in religion; the faith of your father Ibrahim; He named you Muslims before and in this, that the Apostle may be a bearer of witness to you, and you may be bearers of witness to the people; therefore keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate and hold fast by Allah; He is your Guardian; how excellent the Guardian and how excellent the Helper! (Quran 22:78)

When they board a vessel, they call on God, sincere in their faith for Him alone; but when He brings them safe to land, they begin to ascribe partners to Him. (Quran 29:65)

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