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Meaning of Tahmina or Tehmina? is it a good name for a girl?


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TahminaTahmeenehTahminah (with various other spellings) is a Farsi name for girls mentioned in Shahnameh, the national epic of the Persian speaking world. She was the princess of Samangaan (in Ahvaz, Persia), and Rostam, one of the heroes in the book, takes her as his wife and together they have a son, Sohrab.

It is derived from tahm (strength, power) and the meaning is strong, powerful. Since the meaning is good it is an acceptable name for Muslim girls.

It is pronounced in two ways, both of which are valid: (TU)ck + (H)umble + (MEAN)ing + r(U)n | (TU)ck + (H)umble + (MEAN)ing + r(E)d

چو تهمینه از کار رستم شنید
جز او در جهان جفت خود کس ندید

When Tahmeeneh heard of Rostam's deed
Other than him in the world she couldn't see anyone as a life companion for herself

-Shahnameh of Firdowsi

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Tuesday 4th of August 2015 03:59:06 AM

    Please upload real and right meaning of Tahmina some people say it’s meaning tohmat lagane waali

  2. on Friday 4th of September 2015 10:30:21 AM

    Plz upload right meaning of tahemina….ya she’s right..some people say it’s meaning tahomat lagane waali….it’s right meaning ?????

  3. on Sunday 27th of September 2015 08:53:36 AM

    Greetings every one , My name is Tahmeena and Tahmeena mean Brave , Strong,

  4. on Wednesday 13th of January 2016 08:59:48 PM

    Yes this meaning is closest I’ve seen. Tahm is an Arabic word for protectr can Allah mean strengtg and power

  5. on Wednesday 13th of January 2016 09:02:29 PM

    Also just because someone said tahmina and tahmot sound same and mean same don’t believe them. I’m tahmina. And am my love I have been strong and had a sense of power of you like to say it.

    Tahmina protects people. Not slander them. She loves and supports. Not cause harm. She is a protector.

  6. on Saturday 16th of January 2016 09:02:29 PM

    It’s actually kind and generous I find that
    On every site but it is Persian princess name and please change the meaning

  7. on Wednesday 9th of March 2016 07:44:11 PM

    i thought it means priceless not what says above……….
    so please uploade the right meaning

  8. on Sunday 13th of March 2016 07:43:19 PM

    It means special or precious etc
    This name is very nice

  9. on Monday 26th of September 2016 09:32:55 AM

    Don’t confuse with thamina which means precious jewels

  10. on Tuesday 11th of October 2016 05:32:51 AM

    Ha g bht acha name hy is ka meaning hy powerful girl o is nam ke lardke bht sbr wale hote ha o hr problem ko achy tareqy sa solve krte

  11. on Wednesday 19th of October 2016 11:48:29 AM

    My Name Is Tahemina..Tahemina is Very Nice Name. tahemina means brave, Strong, Loyal.Don’t Upload Wrong Meaning Like Tohmat lgane wali.

  12. on Sunday 20th of November 2016 02:21:52 AM

    My name is Tahmina. I love my name so much! And I would never change it for the world. But sadly, nobody’s can get it right.

  13. on Thursday 29th of December 2016 07:14:05 AM

    My name is tahamina .i love my name. And I wil trust the names of the meaning

  14. on Monday 6th of February 2017 12:57:16 PM

    Hello everyone I’m Tahmeena named after the princess in shahname firdousi. I believe it means strong and powerful otherwise this name wouldn’t have been chosen for the epic tale of Rustom and sohrab.

  15. on Tuesday 21st of November 2017 09:03:39 PM

    who is rustam an dis tahmina a islamic/arabic name plz someone tell

  16. on Wednesday 13th of December 2017 10:35:21 PM

    Tahmeena is a persian name for girls. It originates from the epic persian tale of Shahnameh- Firdowsi, from a persian

  17. on Wednesday 13th of December 2017 10:36:14 PM

    Tahmeena is a persian name for girls. It originates from the epic persian tale of Shahnameh- Firdowsi. Many girls in Iran and Afghanitan have the name.

  18. on Thursday 12th of April 2018 10:19:56 PM

    The real way is Tahmina not tahmeena or watever stop making fun of my name guys get a life losers suck as mother Fuckkers

  19. on Thursday 6th of September 2018 02:38:08 AM

    my name is tehmeena manzoor plz mery name ka mean kia ha plz tell me fast

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