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Baby girl born on 4th Zill Hajja, kindly suggest us some good meaning gils names related to this occasion of Hajj.


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Below are a number of names relating to the Haj proceedings:

The Haj rites start with the putting on of the Haj clothing, which are known as the Ihram clothes. This word means "to enter God's sanctuary" and it is used as a name. You can see its full details here: Ihram

There is a mosque in Makkah known as the Aisha Mosque or the Taneem Mosque. This mosque is the point at which the pilgrims enter the state of Ihram and put on their Ihram clothes. Both Aisha and Taneem are names, you can see their details here: Aisha | Taneem

 The next important item in the Haj proceedings is the Tawaf, the circumambulation around the Kaaba. The word Tawaf is used as a baby name: Tawaf. The person who performs Tawaf is called a Taif, which is a name for boys: Taif

After Tawafthe pilgrims perform the running or walking between Safaa and Marwawhich are two places in Makkah. Both of these are used as girl names: Safaa | Marwa

 On the second day of Haj, the pilgrims stay at Mount Arafat (Arafat can be used as a boy or girl name). After sundown they come down from the mountain and go to a place called Muzdalifa, which is used as a girl name: Muzdalifa

 After Eid, the pilgrims leave Makkah to visit the city of Madina, which is used a girl name: Madina

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    Is kaaba name is good to choose for baby girl is Islam alow us to elect this name

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  4. on Saturday 9th of July 2022 06:09:10 PM

    Baby boy born on 10th Zill Hajja, kindly suggest us some good meaning names related to this occasion of Hajj

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