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I have named my daughter Umm-e-ralah ,which is a shahabia name. Tried alot but could not find the meaning.As I have found this name on internet so I am doubtful .Kindly tell me the meaning and whether its a sahabia name or not? Thanks


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Umm-e-ralah most likely refers to Umm Ri`lah, which in Persian and Urdu becomes Umm-e-Relah. Umm Ri`lah was a woman who did beautification work for other women (something like a modern hairdresser) and came to the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah upon him, asking him how she and other women could become closer to Allah. She is noted for her eloquence.

So you can keep the name Umm-e-ralah if you like it, it is normal for people to slightly change the pronunciation of a name (the original being Umm-e-Relah).

As for the meaning, Umm means "mother", and it is present in many Arabic girl names. Ri`lah is an ancient Arabic word and the meaning is not clear, the only mention of this word in the dictionaries says that it is a tribe in Yemen. However, there since Abu Ri`lah ("father of Ri`lah") in Arabic means "wolf", Umm Ri`lah ("mother of Ri`lah") could mean "female wolf", "wolf-like". Many Arabic names refer to animals, for this reason "wolf" is not a bad meaning.

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  1. on Thursday 3rd of August 2023 04:17:27 PM

    Please suggest me sahibiyat name start from umme accept umm e Hani because it is my cousin name also

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