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Is the name Shamin/Shameen arabic? if yes, what is the meaning of this name and also the correct pronunciation of it?


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Shamin is mixed Arabic-Persian name made up of Sham (smell, scent) from Arabic and -in ("full of", "having the quality of", a Persian extension similar to "y" in English in words like lovely, dusty). The full meaning is "having an extremely good scent", you can use it describe a flower or a perfume. It is a non-Quranic name since Sham doesn't come from a Quranic root.

Shamin is pronounced as (SH)ape + r(U)n + (MEAN)ing. You may also see it spelled as ShameenShemeen, Shameene, Shamein, Shameyne.

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Monday 22nd of February 2016 08:32:53 AM

    Shameen’s meaning is also ” queen of the night flower”… My name is Shameen nd my father told me that meaning…

  2. on Monday 30th of May 2016 09:36:55 PM


  3. on Sunday 16th of April 2017 06:25:58 PM

    shahmeen meaning is princess spell like shah meen

  4. on Thursday 21st of September 2017 07:02:36 AM

    Uggghhhhhhhhhhjhhhh like meee potatoesssssss dis bitch ain’t lettinge comment lol gotta make 100, lol thisisrandomshiteu

  5. on Sunday 12th of November 2017 04:23:21 PM

    Shameen’s meaning is also “shaam ka raag” name is shameen nd my sis told me that Mean

  6. on Thursday 16th of November 2017 05:59:56 PM

    My name is shameen and the other websites i i checked said it means intelligent and happy.

  7. on Friday 2nd of November 2018 07:54:09 PM

    Shamin’s meaning is audience, in vividbharti rj always starts saying shamin ki peshkash

  8. on Friday 29th of May 2020 10:46:36 AM

    My mom told me shamin means “shaam ka raag” and that’s my name Shamin if anyone know specific meaning plz share

  9. on Wednesday 10th of February 2021 05:49:47 PM

    Shameen means every wish come true
    From Britain name of worrior princess b

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