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As-salamu alaykum, I really like the name "Natasha" and plan on naming my first daughter "Natasha". According to lots of Muslim/Islamic websites it means "Gift of Allah". However, I have read on non-Islamic websites it is of Russian origin meaning "Birthday, Born near Christmas" (in reference to the traditional birth of Jesus). Apparently, it was traditionally given to girls born around Christmas. Is there any proof that Natasha really is an Islamic name? Like, what stem/root word does Natasha come from (in some other language, most likely Arabic) which makes it mean "Gift of Allah"? Thank you. Please answer in clear detail.


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I do not know of any Islamic or Persian name that sounds like Natasha. The sites that say this is an Islamic name have copied their information from another site that contains many errors. For this reason the Christmas-related meaning is probably the only correct meaning for this name.

Since it is a Christianity-related name, it is best not to use Natasha, unless it is a common name in your culture (for example if you are from Russia). However it is not a forbidden name, as in Islam all names are permissible unless they have a bad meaning.

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Friday 9th of May 2014 01:58:14 PM

    I disagree, I think this name does have a bad meaning as it’s meaning is (loosely translated) “christ’s birthday” i.e. “the birth of christ” which isn’t a suitable name for a muslim.

  2. on Friday 25th of July 2014 07:18:34 PM

    If you read Wilipedia it says that is is a diminutive of ‘Dies Natalia’ which in turn means birthday. However in common usage it used as a reference to Christs Birthday . However a direct translation still only means ‘birthday’

  3. on Wednesday 8th of July 2015 12:25:10 PM

    Nitasha is a Muslim name meaning gift of Allah
    And Natasha is a christien name… There is a difference of a,i

  4. on Wednesday 21st of October 2015 06:46:14 PM

    assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu….
    i am planning to name my daughter NATASHA SHAIK….
    could u please suggest me a best and suitable middle name for this??

  5. on Tuesday 29th of December 2015 09:16:10 PM

    Jesus Allahis salam was a prophet of Allah, the day he was born is blessed as it is said in the Quran,:
    “And Salam (peace) be upon me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive!” I say ignore all ignorant people and name her Natasha. I am named Natasha alhamdulilah and when my parents were getting criticized for naming me, and asked A renowned, scholar [WHO HOLDS PHD in religion not some illiterate who thinks his tiny mind can comprehend word of Allah]… the scholar bluntly asked my parents what does it mean…they said “Day Jesus [as] was born, he said, isnt Jesus/ Isa [as] your prophet? then…? Don’t make Islam complicated…it is easy, it is love, it is peace, it is mercy…:) peace

  6. on Saturday 9th of April 2016 02:59:58 PM

    actually my name is also natasha so i am also finding the meaning and i am also a muslim

  7. on Monday 11th of April 2016 03:45:36 PM

    my name is also natasha and i m sure the meaning of my name is gift of Allah and i m also a muslim

  8. on Sunday 29th of May 2016 07:32:46 AM

    My friend name is Natasha is it bad to call her on this name

  9. on Friday 17th of June 2016 11:18:06 PM

    My name is Natasha …real meaning of Natasha is birthday ….when our prophet isa alaysalam born….so its a Muslim name also….so I am sure Natasha’s meaning is also gift of Allah…..

  10. on Thursday 25th of August 2016 08:57:52 PM

    my name is Nathasha..and it means “complete woman” islamically 🙂

  11. on Friday 26th of August 2016 06:04:22 PM

    As Muslims, are we allowed to refer to our Prophet Jesus (Isa) as Christ? Or is the word ‘Christ’ forbidden and only used by Christians?

  12. on Wednesday 31st of August 2016 10:00:40 PM

    Christ means “anointed one” or “Messiah” which Allah calls Jesus (pbuh) in the Quran as well. Calling him Jesus Christ is fine.

    As for the name Natasha, I like it and don’t see anything wrong with it.

  13. on Wednesday 21st of September 2016 03:17:59 PM

    my name is also natasha um muslim. today um hapy coz i find the actual meaning of my name . i wried whn i listn this name in indian movies. bt now i know its an islamic name thnx to ALLAH .

  14. on Friday 24th of March 2017 02:42:35 PM

    listen my fellow Muslims a name is completely different if you are a good Muslim names really don’t matter I too am named Natasha but how many people are named Fatma but completely different from Muslim culture

  15. on Saturday 15th of April 2017 04:54:51 AM

    my name is natasha and i am a muslim
    Iam sure it is an islamic name

  16. on Tuesday 18th of April 2017 10:50:39 PM

    i want to chomp a dicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

  17. on Friday 5th of May 2017 09:19:46 AM

    Natasha is not Islamic name… this word is derived from turkey (Persian) !! which meaning is Prostitute !

  18. on Thursday 2nd of November 2017 08:52:46 PM

    Oh my god I’m so confused Iam a Muslim and I want to name my daughter Natasha I want a clear simple answer does it right or wrong to name my daughter this me as a Muslim ? Please I need it

  19. on Tuesday 7th of November 2017 12:18:27 PM

    my daughter name is also Natasha and I really like this name .I asked from one my friend who is PhD scholar and he suggested it as good name.I am just confuse about the religion people say that it’s a Christian name.

  20. on Wednesday 13th of December 2017 11:25:47 PM

    I’m constantly asked if I’m muslim because of me it means celebration of life

  21. on Wednesday 27th of December 2017 06:51:08 AM

    My name’s Farah it make sense that the meaning is”birth of happiness”?

  22. on Saturday 31st of March 2018 09:49:58 AM

    My name is Nastasha. When I was younger, a Muslim religious Sheik told my mum that the meaning behind this name is “the one that is pure”.

  23. on Thursday 3rd of May 2018 05:03:34 AM

    My name is Natasha and i’m soo confused when i read different meanings i really don’t know which is correct i just say that Allah bless all the girls who has Natasha’s name

  24. on Thursday 3rd of May 2018 05:13:56 AM

    in russian the meaning of natasha;birthday of the lord
    in Hindi the meaning of natasha:goddes lakshmi
    in Greek: resurrection
    in Arabic:stronger and powerful
    in urdu:gift of Allah
    if it is not islamic name soo why arbians and muslims tell us the meaning of this name every words have diffrent meanings in differnt languages soo we should have believe on our selves it is islamic name.

  25. on Saturday 5th of May 2018 11:43:41 AM

    Many people here commented on revering Isa (Jesus) and there’s nothing wrong with it. But the entire concept of birth of Jesus is different than what the Christians believe. Additionally the December birth is also not true and controversial. As a result, if a name points to incorrect information, timing and revers someone in a way not allowed in Islam, caution is advised.

    Yes, if it is a local name, doesn’t carry a bad meaning, then there’s nothing wrong in it but someone here commented that there’s nothing in a name. That is incorrect. Name is of utmost importance and has been shown by ahadith to be chosen based on its meaning.

    In Islam, names are chosen based on their virtue, meaning and merit, not something out of a fiction or otherwise.

    So, most likely Natasha is an acceptable name in Islam but not the most desirable one.

    As far as the different meanings are provided, even by a PhD here, they are mere interpretations of how people can change different interpretations with their own perceptions.

  26. on Saturday 19th of May 2018 11:56:02 AM

    My name is is an islamic arabic it means….complete women, stronger and powerful,gift of ..
    If we check the history of could find that,Mariyam Bevi (ra) who was the mother of lssah Nabhi was called Nathasha which means “The complete women of vergin” .This is how the name Nathasha related to Christianity.According to Christian Missionary jesus christ’s mother was Mariyam and they called her the “Holy Mariyam” which means the complete women of vergin and that equals to the history conveyed that Nathasha is an Islamic name.

  27. on Monday 18th of June 2018 12:04:45 PM

    Nitasha is muslim name arabic origin meaning God gifted
    Where as natasha seem to be christian.
    If you want to use this name just replace a with i i.e natasha as nitasha
    If you spell natasha in urdu it will noon alif tay alif sheen hay
    Where as
    Nitasha as noon tay alif sheen hay

  28. on Sunday 13th of January 2019 06:50:32 PM

    My Name is Natasha to and I do not see the reason why it is bad
    I love my name Alhamdulillah

  29. on Friday 12th of April 2019 04:18:25 AM

    assalam o alaikum ; i am very happy to know about Natasha means gift of Allah and i am also muslim girl and i am very thankfull of my creator who has born me in muslim home.

  30. on Friday 24th of May 2019 09:26:05 AM

    If you are a Muslim and you need further explanation on the name NATASHA please ask any Islamic scholars for clarification. Please

  31. on Thursday 27th of June 2019 01:35:04 PM

    Natasha is a Muslim name .Why do people allways do their best to be difficult.

  32. on Wednesday 28th of August 2019 07:54:59 PM

    My name is Natatia (pronounced ‘Natasha’). I’m a Christian (meaning I love Jesus and believe He died and rose again!) and I believe my name means ‘gift from Allah’. Either that or “UNstoppable”!!

  33. on Sunday 27th of October 2019 09:02:18 PM

    Can I name my baby Malachi as I think it is a nice name but I’m unsure if it’s acceptable as I am a muslim

  34. on Friday 14th of February 2020 02:09:32 AM

    Maybe the Gift of Allah meaning came from because it means birthday (go on Behind the Name and look up Natalie since Natasha comes from that and click on Meaning/History and you’ll see people correcting the Christmas meaning saying it’s associated with Christmas but it means ‘to be born’) and babies are a gift and blessing sent from Allah? Just a guess. Baby name books and sites tend to exaggerate meanings of names to make names more attractive

  35. on Saturday 5th of December 2020 09:04:36 PM

    I really like this name and waana name my daughter whatever meaning is… for me its happiness /gift of Allah

  36. on Wednesday 8th of December 2021 07:25:52 PM

    Salam to every one my daughter name is also Natasha I am very confused of that name Natasha some of people said it’s Islamic name some of people said it’s Christmas name

  37. on Saturday 12th of March 2022 06:23:51 PM

    My name is also NATASHA but my whole life people tell me that if you revert the name the means is AHSATAN … it sounds like the evil’s name

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