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Salam ou alikoum Is Liam, Liham, Lihem a Quranic names or Arabic names? I want to know its meaning. Thanks


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Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

Liam in Arabic is the plural of Laeem, which is a non-Quranic word meaning "lowly", "ungenerous", "ungracious", and since it doesn't have a good meaning it is not used as a name. There is also Li'm, which comes from the same root, meaning "peace and harmony between people"., but it is pronounced differently from Liam.

Liham is a non-Quranic Arabic word that means "wise", "intelligent", "kind", it can only be used to describe males. It is pronounced [(LI)p] + [(HUM)ble] with emphasis on the second syllable. You could use this as a name since it doesn't have a bad meaning, and you can modify the spelling or pronunciation to make it more to your liking.

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Sunday 3rd of May 2015 12:47:05 PM

    Can i accept name LIAM as my son name please tell me write me

  2. on Monday 27th of July 2015 10:29:03 PM

    ASA I couldn’t find the name Liham in any Arabic dictionary and neither could my local Imam. Is it possible you could provide the source you got the meaning from as I would love to name my son that? I had already chosen this name and have my heart totally set on it.

  3. on Sunday 24th of January 2016 12:54:49 AM

    I believe the Irish name Liam that is pronounced “LEE-əm ” sounds different to whatever Arabic word this website is referring as no Arabic word is pronouced exactly like the Irish name Liam so using the name Liam is fine. 🙂

  4. on Sunday 31st of January 2016 11:19:58 PM

    A.s.a I I too find the name Liam a very speciaal,curious and casueel name, and I would like to give it to my onborn child. So could I use this name in reference to islamic background? I hope there is someone sencerely enough to provid me the nesecerry advies/ counsel refering this issue. th@nks

  5. on Tuesday 1st of March 2016 12:14:44 AM

    I want to know if the name Liham is considered permissible as Arabic, even though it is non-quranic?

  6. on Sunday 7th of May 2017 03:12:02 PM

    In Arabic, the word لِئْم, with a pronunciation equivalent to the Irish name Liam, means “harmony in opinion or feeling”.

  7. on Saturday 8th of July 2017 05:42:56 AM

    Did anyone get the answer as to if Liam is an acceptable Muslim name?

  8. on Friday 12th of October 2018 11:07:37 AM

    No it’s an Irish name meaning strong-willed warrior and protector, we cannot use it.

  9. on Saturday 22nd of December 2018 07:14:32 AM

    The above comment written by admin is “Liam in Arabic is the plural of Laeem, which is a non-Quranic word meaning “lowly”, “ungenerous”, “ungracious”, and since it doesn’t have a good meaning it is not used as a name.”

    On what basis???? Is the admin just bluffing based on lack of solid grounds??

  10. on Sunday 12th of January 2020 02:56:55 AM

    This is in response to the comment above.

    I agree with the admin – the word, as it is intended to be pronounced in European / North American society, does not have a good meaning in Arabic.

    Please look up the لئم in Google Translate. This is the closest pronunciation to how most people would say it. This is not even for plural but in the singular sense.

    Please stop attacking the admin because you don’t like the answer he/she is giving. Please feel free to name your child whatever you want, just don’t go out looking for validation on the meaning.

  11. on Monday 6th of April 2020 09:39:51 PM

    In Islam we are allowed to use names that have good meanings in our languages as our intention even if it means something negative in Arabic. We (Muslims) are not all Arabs, this is a universal religion. By others’ logic, we can’t use a good meaning Arabic name because it means something bad in another language. You can’t pick and choose the rules.

  12. on Monday 6th of April 2020 09:44:29 PM

    Adding on to what I was saying about it being fine to use names with good meanings in our language that means something unplesant in Arabic before anyone tries to be clever, obviously some names are off limits of course like “Shaitan”, “Iblees” etc., I’m talking about suitable names that are pleasant to have in our religion (as Muslims) internationally (since again, most of us are not Arabs).

  13. on Monday 6th of April 2020 09:51:58 PM

    I meant *unpleasant, typo
    That’s the fascinating thing about languages. So please be kind and respectful to other cultures.

  14. on Thursday 23rd of April 2020 01:10:27 AM

    My name is Liam, if I look at the definition of lowly; it means humble; so to say that one is ungracious, ungenerous and lowly; is a contradiction in itself. Liam in Hebrew means my people my nation; in English it means strong willed protector and warrior; and in Arabic it means Liham; whoever so has translated my name into ungracious, ungenerous; and lowly all in one combination. Is incredibly wrong. I would challenge anyone to tell me I am ungracious and ungenerous. I know what I am to Al-Mumit. There is no definite definition to my name so I will tell you what Liam means from now on; Balanced Protector with the strength of 1 million. I hope deep down in my heart and inshallah; you will accept what I have said. I honor my parents; I will keep my name; and I will not have my name being slandered on the internet because as far as I’m concerned. Liham is close to the meaning yet far from it. Good luck during Ramadan. I choose what my name means; not any of you.

  15. on Sunday 22nd of November 2020 12:03:51 AM

    In Algerian Arabic, ‘liam’ is a contraction of ‘el-ayam’ meaning ‘the days’, plural form of ‘yawm’, ‘day’.

  16. on Saturday 13th of March 2021 05:16:06 AM

    My name is Liam I am Muslim revert. Lowly translates to humble, therefore you may use it as a name. The ungracious and ungenerous part does not describe my character but at times does make sense. I chose to keep my name because in original language it means protector of kingdom or helmet. Take this with a grain of salt. Inshallah may Allah(swt) bless you all. If I were you, I would name my child Li’m for the pleasure of Allah. I am stuck with my name. Your child does not have to be.

  17. on Sunday 28th of August 2022 08:12:05 AM

    For knowledge: Arabic written words of course use no vocals, but in pronunciation yes!!

  18. on Sunday 28th of August 2022 08:19:56 AM

    And also: arabic and islamic names can be used for Muslims, Arabic names for christian people also

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