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A Quranic Name for Boys and Girls

How to pronounce Ihram

Islam + Hot + Run + mAn + Moon

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Ihram in Arabic)إحرام
Quranic Nature
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Indirectly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of IhramEhram Ihraam Ehraam Ihram Ihraam Ehram Ehrame Ehramm Ehramme Ehram Ehraame Ehraamm Ehraamme Ehraam Eyhrame
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.
Quranic Root
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All Quranic baby names derived from H6-R-M:

Meaning of Ihram

Ihram is an indirect Quranic name for boys and girls that refers to the state of purity that pilgrimage enters during the pilgrimage rites. It starts when the pilgrims put on their Ihram clothes, which are the white clothes that are seen during the Haj proceedings, and ends when they take off these clohes at the end of HajIhram literally means “to enter into a state prohibition or sacredness”, since many things are prohibited during the pilgrimage, such as perfume, hunting and marital relations. It is derived from the H6-R-M Quranic root.

God has in all truth shown His Messenger a true vision in which He said, ‘God willing, you will most certainly enter the Sacred Mosque in safety and without fear, shaven-headed or with hair cut short’—God knew what you did not; and has given you a victory beforehand. (Quran 48:27)

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