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A Quranic Name for Boys

Short meaning of HadiGuide, Guided and Guidance
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How to pronounce Hadi

HAnd + D + swEEt

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Hadi in Arabic)هادي
Quranic Nature
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Directly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of HadiHaadi Hady Hadie Hadiyy Hattei Hatty Hatte Hatti Hattey Hattiy Hatteei Hattie Hatteey Hattiyy Hattee
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.
Quranic Root
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Meaning of Hadi

Hadi means someone who guides people toward as-Sirat al-Mustaqeem (the Straight Path), and it is one of the 99 Attributes of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala). Ibn Al-Athir Al-Jazri, the great Islamic scholar of Saladin’s time, describes the Attribute as describing this aspect of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala): “He is the one who has given His servants the ability to see, and has shown them the way toward knowing Him, until they bore witness that He is their God, and He has guided every creation toward whatever it needs to exist and survive.”

Whoever Allah sends astray – there is no guide for him. And He leaves them in their transgression, wandering blindly. {7:186}

And in this way We have assigned to every prophet an enemy from among the criminals. And your Lord is enough for you as a guide and supporter. {25:31}

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Tuesday 18th of August 2015 09:57:23 AM

    is it allowed to name a person with the name “hadi’ alone or it should be with abdul hadi

  2. on Saturday 5th of March 2016 06:27:03 AM

    Hadi is a beautiful name but kids need to act like they’re name

  3. on Monday 7th of March 2016 12:47:24 AM

    Assalam wailaikum, is it allowed to keep my son name Mohammed Hadi, are i have to change it to abdul hadi please let me know ehats right ahz.

  4. on Sunday 17th of July 2016 01:25:29 PM

    Kia m, Mohammed Hadi name rkh sakta hon.plz rply zaroor dena ok..

  5. on Friday 29th of July 2016 10:26:18 PM

    does anyone know more about the name hadi because it is my name and i want to learn more

  6. on Friday 5th of August 2016 11:46:14 AM

    I named my son hadi there any issues with it?

  7. on Thursday 1st of December 2016 05:39:30 PM

    Is it allowed to call a person hadi alone or it should be call abdul hadi?

  8. on Sunday 5th of February 2017 12:09:58 PM

    Is it allaowed in islam to give a baby name hadi as it is also the name of ALLAH ?

  9. on Friday 31st of March 2017 06:52:16 PM

    Does anyone know more about the name hadi is my son name’is there any issues

  10. on Sunday 14th of May 2017 10:48:59 PM

    For anyone asking if it’s alright to name your son Hadi instead of Abdul-Hadi, and the answer is yes, Hadi means guide (to the straight path), Al-Hadi or Ul-Hadi is one of the names of Allah meaning THE Guide (Abd means servant/slave), so naming your son Hadi is alright, just like with Kareem and Al-Kareem

    My brother is named Hadi and in Levant Arabic Dialects Hadi also doubles as a word for Calm or Quiet, coming from the standard Arabic haadi’

  11. on Saturday 19th of August 2017 03:11:11 PM

    Is it fine to name my son only Hadi…instead Abdul guide me of people saying to change my son name as it is sin

  12. on Thursday 5th of October 2017 02:47:17 PM

    Hadi mean Arrow as in road signs. It shows left, right and straight. Hadi mean Guide only. Hadith can never get you where you want to go unless you are guided. Arshad mean , Guided, Guidenice and Guide. All guide names are attributed to Arshad. See Miracles of Allah at justice party uk on you tube

  13. on Wednesday 18th of October 2017 04:52:24 PM

    Arshad is mentioned in Koran 79 times. Arshad mean Guided, Guidenice and Guide. All names concerning Guided are Attributed to Arshad. See Miracles of Allah at justice party uk on you tube

  14. on Monday 20th of November 2017 02:02:44 PM

    Mera baby January me ha Mei us ka naam Hadi rakh skta hn ?

  15. on Tuesday 5th of December 2017 07:30:06 PM

    What about the name Hadi zaman, is there any restrictions to given this name to our child

  16. on Tuesday 15th of May 2018 04:36:34 PM

    Hadi mean pointing Arshad mean Guideing to right path. Arshad is name of Allah and not Hadi. There are 36 names attributed to Arshad and Hadi is one of them.

  17. on Tuesday 12th of June 2018 12:35:21 PM

    Another way to spell this name is Hady. The female version of this name can be Hadya or Hadia.

  18. on Sunday 3rd of November 2019 11:03:42 AM

    The name Hadi is a name of which can not be described

  19. on Sunday 3rd of November 2019 11:07:17 AM

    The name of Hadi can not be described as words or by a passage since the beauty of Allah has the name in his 99 names but you can say that Hadi is a guide of wisdom like Allah.

  20. on Friday 30th of April 2021 05:02:31 AM

    Plzplz tel me a boys name related April on 15ramadan

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Meaning: Guide, Guided and Guidance

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