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Asalamualaikaum, I need you suggestions on the following girl names: "Mysha", "Zara". Thank you.


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Mysha can be another spelling of Miesha, you can see its details here: Miesha

Misha (which can be spelled as Mysha) [pronounced as (MEE)t + (SHA)rp] is the Farsi name for the flowering plant species Calendula officinalis, in common English known as marigold (a short plant that has yellow-orange flowers during all seasons of the year). It is not an Arabic or Quranic name, but since the meaning is good you can use it.

There is a Hebrew-derived name that can be spelled as Micha and Misha. It is a variant of the name Michael, which means "Who is similar to God?". The scholars are against using names related with the cultures of other religions, for this reason you shouldn't use Misha if by it you mean the Hebrew word. But if by Misha (or Mysha) you mean the Farsi word (marigold flower), then that's acceptable.

Zara [pronounced as (Z)oom + h(U)mble + (R)ain + sm(A)rt] (which can be written as Zaraa as well) means the top, best, and pinnacle of everything. It is the plural of Zirwa and it is an indirect Quranic name for girls.

Zara [pronounced as (Z)oom + sm(A)rt + (R)un + sm(A)rt] is a Kurdish word that means bride.

Zara [pronounced as (Z)oom + sm(A)rt + (RU)n] means "large group of people", and also means "he/she visited someone". It is the name of a spring and a city mentioned in ancient Arabic and Farsi dictionaries. It is not a Quranic word but some Muslims use it as a name, sometimes as a nickname for Sara, which is a name for girls that means "bringer of joy", "bringer of happiness.", pronounced like the Zara I just mentioned, but with a "s" sound. Zara is not a Quranic word directly or indirectly.

You can use Zara with any of the above pronunciations.

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