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A'salamu A'laikum!!! Your site is really awesome Please Continue your service for long time. Insha Allah. 1.What is the correct Spelling for (Arabic: محمد) in English.Either Mohammed or Mohamed or Muhammed or Muhamed ? 2.I could see you have mentioned Sajid (a man who does sujood a lot) but when its comes to pronunciation we should mention as "Saajid" will there be any meaning changes if i spell "Saajid" ? if possible also help to mention the quaranic spelling for Sajid.


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Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

JazakAllah for the encouraging words. As for the correct spelling of Muhammad, there is no single correct spelling because the name is Arabic. In English you can spell it however you like. Muhammad might be the closest way to spell it similar to the Arabic pronunciation, but it is completely a matter of personal taste and you can choose whichever spelling you like.

As for Sajid, you can spell it as Saajid without changing the meaning. You can view many other English spellings and the Arabic spelling for this name here: Sajid

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  1. on Wednesday 5th of August 2015 02:40:13 PM

    will you please tell me the short meanig of MAHMUDUL

  2. on Wednesday 19th of August 2015 04:13:19 AM

    assalam o alikum
    Your site is really awesome Please Continue your service for long time.i want to know about muhammad spelling that what is correct word mu or mo,because here are some person says that muhammad is not correct bcoz mu mean in latin language crazy dog and now i am in trouble that what is true?
    kindly tell me about it.

  3. on Monday 18th of April 2016 06:20:06 PM


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