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I want to name my daughter starting with r or t. Please tell me some beautiful islamic.quranic names. Asad


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Here is a list of Islamic baby girl names starting with R and T, all of them are from the Quran:

Raafa (strong love and compassion)
Ruaa (dream)
Ruia (dream)
Rabiha (winner, one who makes profit)
Rabia (like the spring season, or "4th")
Rajia (one who has hopes)
Raah (active, relaxed)
Raada (one who wants, one who returns to somewhere)
Raashida and Rasheeda (well-guided, on the right path)
Raadia (content, pious, Allah is pleased with her)
Rafida (helper)
Raama (another name for the covering of the Ka`ba)
Rubaa (blessings, good deeds)
Rajaa and Rajwaa (hope, wish)
Ruhaab, Rihaab, Reihaab (gracious, ample, splendid)
Rahma (compassion, kindness)
Rahoom and Raheema (compassionate, kind)
Raheeq (nectar)
Raheel (departure)
Radeef (something that follows another thing in a queue, i.e. "next one", and the name of a star)
Rashaada (a stone large enough to fill the palm of the hand)
Roshd (guidance, maturity)
Riyaya (taking care of someone)
Rafd and Rafeeda (to give, to help)
Rafeeia (high, sublime)
Rummana (pomegranate)
Rikaaz (gold and silver ore)
Ramziyya (sign, mark)
Rawasee (mountains)
Ruwaida and Ruwaidaa (gently, calmly, without hurry)
Riwaa, Ruwaa and Arwaa (beauty, fresh water)
Raihaana (basil, which is a spice, and mercy, and provision)

Taaiba (woman who repents)
Taaliya (woman who reads Quran)
Tabaarak (blessed)
Tabraq (glowing)
Tahaaseen (adornments, skill)
Tahnaan (compassion, mercy, sympathy, strong love and affection)
Tadaabir (to take charge of a situation or problem with skill and wisdom)
Turaath (heritage, legacy)
Taraaheeb and Tarheeb (graciosness, to give welcome to someone)
Tarteel (the act of reading the Quran with skill)
Tazyeed (growth and progress)
Tasbeeh (remembrance of Allah and glorification of Him)
Tasneem (a fountain/spring in Paradise)
Tafaanee (sacrifice for the sake of others)
Taqwaa (fear and mindfulness of Allah)
Taqiyya (one who fears and is mindful of Allah)
Takaamul and Tameema (perfection, perfect)
Takween (creativity)
Tamaanee and Tamannee (hope)
Taneem (to make something soft, to live in luxury)
Tahanee ("congratulations")
Tahleel (to say la ilaha illa Allah - There is deity besides Allah, to glow and be enlightened)
Tahajjud (voluntary night prayer)
Tawheeda and Tafheeda and Tavheeda and Taveeda (woman who believes in the Oneness of Allah)
Tawaddud (one who loves, who has affection)
Taiseer (to make something easy and simple, to remove difficulties and hardship)

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