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A Quranic Name for Boys and Girls

Short meaning of InamBenefit, Blessings and Profit
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How to pronounce Inam

IN + After + Moon

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Inam in Arabic)إِنْعَام
Quranic Nature
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Indirectly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of InamInaam Enaam Enam Innaam
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.
Quranic Root
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All Quranic baby names derived from N-Ain-M:

Meaning of Inam

Inam is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means “blessings from God”.

Reader Comments:

  1. Anonymous on Tuesday 20th of June 2017 12:11:21 AM

    MEANING OF SANSKRIT BOY NAMES Starting from letter I
    # Ikshanik ईक्षणिक- ‘a looker into the future’, a
    fortune teller
    $ Ikshamaan ईक्षमाण- looking at, surveying
    # Inkhan ईङ्खन/ईंखन- swinging
    $ Inkhay ईङ्खय/ ईंखय – moving, causing to flow or
    ★ Ijaan ईजान- one who has sacrificed
    $ Ishanadhip ईशानाधिप- “one whose lord is
    Shiva”, the north east. Here ईशान means north
    east or Shiva + अधिप means lord
    # Ishvaradatt ईश्वरदत्त- “given by God”, God-gift.
    Here ईश्वर means god + दत्त means given
    $ Ishvaranisth ईश्वरनिष्ठ- trusting in God. Here
    ईश्वर means lord + निष्ठ means trusting in
    # Ishvarapriya ईश्वरप्रिय- “dear to God”, a
    partridge. Here ईश्वर means god + प्रिय means
    $ Ishaddhas ईषद्धास- slightly laughing, smiling.
    Here ईषत्/ ईषद् means slightly + हास means smile
    # Ishaddhasya ईषद्धास्य- a smile, slight laughter.
    Here ईषत्/ईषद् means slightly + हास्य means
    $ Ishadrakt ईषद्रक्त- pale red. Here ईषत् means
    slightly + रक्त means red
    # Ihatas ईहतस्- diligently, energetically, by or with
    exertion or labour
    $ Iharthin ईहार्थिन्- aiming at any object, seeking
    wealth. Here ईह means to seek, aiming + आधुनिक means wealth, any object
    # Ihalih ईहालिह्- reading (any one’s) wish
    Ishesh ईशेश- lord of lords, supreme master.
    Here ईश means lord, chief, master + ईश means
    lord, chief, master
    ♥ Isheshvar ईशेश्वर- supreme lord, lord of lords.
    Here ईश means lord + ईश्वर means lord
    # Itya इत्य-to be gone to or towards
    $ Itvan इत्वन्- going
    # Itvar इत्वर- going, travelling, a traveller, harsh,
    low (m.) a bull or steer allowed to go at liberty
    $ Ikkat इक्कट- a kind of reed
    # Ikshuj इक्षुज- produced or coming from
    Here इक्षु means sugarcane +ज means produced
    $ Ikshumul इक्षुमूल- root of sugarcane. Here इक्षु
    means sugarcane +मूल means root
    # Ikshusamudra इक्षुसमुद्र- the sea of syrup (one of
    seven seas). Here इक्षु means syrup +समुद्र means
    $ Ikshuk इक्षुक -sugarcane
    # Ing इङ्ग/इंग- movable, locomotive, surprising,
    knowledge, an indication of sentiment by gesture
    $ Ingan इङ्गन/इंगन- shaking, seperation of one
    member of a compound from another separation
    by mark of tmesis
    #Ingud इङ्गुद/इंगुद- the medicinal tree Terminalia
    Cattapa (In Bengal confounded with Putranjiva
    Roxburghii Wall)
    $ Ichikil इचिकिल- a pond, mire, mud
    # Ichhak इच्छक- “desiring”, the citron[Citrus
    Medica-Bot.] , (In Arithmetic.) the sum sought
    $ Ijya इज्य- to be revered or honoured, a teacher,
    God, Planet Jupiter
    # Ijyasheel इज्यशील- sacrificing frequently
    $ Inchaak इञ्चाक/इंचाक- a shrimp, prawn
    # Idas इडस्- the object of devotion, refreshment,
    libation offered to the gods
    $ Idvar इड्वर- a bull fit to be set at liberty
    #Itkat इत्कट- a kind of reed or grass
    $ Idadik इदादिक- beginning now or with this
    # Inasabh इनसभ- a royal court or assembly. Here
    इन means royal + सभ from सभा means court
    $ Inaksh इनक्ष् -to endeavour to reach , strive to
    # Ind इन्द्- to see, to be powerful
    $ Indivaradal इन्दीवरदल- petal of a blue lotus.
    Here इन्दीवर means blue lotus +दल means petal
    # Indivardrish इन्दीवरदृश्- a lotus eyed person.
    Here इन्दीवर means blue lotus +दृश् means eye,
    $ Indivaraksh इन्दीवराक्ष- ‘lotus eyed’. Here
    इन्दीवर means lotus + अक्ष from अक्षि means eye
    # Indukamal इन्दुकमल- the blossom of white lotus
    $ Indukar इन्दुकर- ray of moon. Here इन्दु means
    moon + कर means ray
    # Indukirit इन्दुकिरीट- “moon-crested”, Shiva . Here
    इन्दु means moon + किरीट means crest
    $ Indushekhar इन्दुशेखर- “moon-crested”, Shiva.
    Here इन्दु means moon +शेखर means crest/peak
    # Indumauli इन्दुमौलि -“moon crested”, Shiva.
    Here इन्दु means moon + मौलि means head, crest
    $ Indunandan इन्दुनन्दन- “son of moon”, planet
    Here इन्दु means moon +नन्दन means son
    # Indusut इन्दुसुत- “son of moon”, planet Mercury.
    Here इन्दु means moon +सुत means son
    $ Indusunu/Indusoonu इन्दुसूनु- “son of moon”,
    planet Mercury. Here इन्दु means moon +सूनु means
    # Indubimb इन्दुबिम्ब- the disk of moon. Here इन्दु
    means moon +बिम्ब means disk
    $ Indubhrit इन्दुभृत – “bearing the cresc5

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