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Assalamualaikum. Pls kindly tell me in which surah use the words Zakirah, Zuhdiyyah, Qiyyama, Qadriyah and Taliyah. Thanks you in advance. -Badri, Malaysia-


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Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

Zakirah is mentioned in the plural (Zakiraat) in Quran 33:35.

Zuhdiyyah is not mentioned in the Quran, but it is derived from Z-H-D root which is used in the Quran in 12:20, which makes it an indirect Quranic name. The name is related to asceticism and is a type of Arabic poetry that extols the good qualities of living an ascetic life.

Qiyyama seems to refer to the word used in 6:161, which means "upright", "right". The actual word is QiyyamQiyyama has an unnecessary  "a" attached to the end which makes it "a right" [religion], i.q. Qiyyama is two words, the indefinite article "a" and the word Qiyyam. You may use it as a name if you like, since there are no solid rules for names, what is important is that the meaning is good.

Qadriyah is not used in the Quran, but it is derived from Q-D-R root which is used a lot in the Quran, such as in the word Qadar (Allah's decree) and Lailatul Qadr (The Night of Power) and Surat al-Qadr (chapter 97 of the Quran). Qadriyah is related to "power" and "destination" in meaning.

Taliyah is used in the plural form (Taliyaat) in Quran 37:3, and means those who read the scripture, such as readers of the Quran.

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    Please tell me”In which Surah the name Alyaan is mentioned?”.
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