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A Quranic Name for Boys and Girls

How to pronounce Rehab

RIpple + Hill + mAn + Boy

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Rehab in Arabic)رِحاب
Quranic Nature
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Indirectly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of RehabRehaab Rihab Rihaab Rayhab Rayhaab Reyhab Reyhaab Reihab Reihaab Reyhabe Reyhabb Reyhabbe Reyhab Reyhaab Rehabe
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.
Quranic Root
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Meaning of Rehab

Rehab is an indirect Quranic name for boys and girls that means “vast”, “spacious”, “open-minded”, “generous”. It is derived from the R-H6-B Quranic root.

Certainly Allah helped you in many battlefields and on the day of Hunain, when your great numbers made you vain, but they availed you nothing and the earth became strait to you notwithstanding its spaciousness, then you turned back retreating. (Quran 9:25)

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Sunday 3rd of August 2014 05:46:51 PM

    I’d advise to use a different spelling of the name if you live in a country which uses the latin script (most countries do) as in English “rehab” isn’t the best of words.

  2. on Sunday 12th of July 2015 07:53:21 PM

    My sister name is rehab and i like this name because it is uniqe

  3. on Friday 17th of July 2015 01:04:45 PM

    what is meaning of rehab in english and urdu please answerfast

  4. on Thursday 6th of August 2015 12:48:10 AM

    rehab means in USA that its a addiction center to cure once drug addiction.

  5. on Tuesday 8th of December 2015 01:46:36 PM

    In English Rehab it’s a time U spend to get off drugs…it’s time when a person fights himself in order to get clean, to win with addiction it’s a long painful process..if a person succeeds he becomes like a newborn baby 🙂 I don’t think it’s a bad word at all..

  6. on Friday 22nd of April 2016 05:02:10 PM

    Can the admin please post the audio pronunciation of this name as well. Please.

  7. on Monday 27th of June 2016 04:43:51 PM


  8. on Wednesday 26th of October 2016 03:08:27 PM

    My name is rehab and I heard another mean of rehab

  9. on Sunday 25th of December 2016 06:35:43 AM


  10. on Friday 14th of April 2017 09:12:56 AM

    Rehab in English is short for rehabilitation. From latin re-habilitare = back – enabling. (Latin adjective “habilis” means “able”.) Rehabilitation is commonly used for the treatment for getting rid of an addiction. But it also means to heal as far as to be able to work again or for a prisoner to become good enough for society again. So basically: to restore something or somebody back to its original (good) state.

  11. on Wednesday 11th of October 2017 11:17:19 PM

    My mother said that my name rehab is arabic and that mean khushboo (fragrance) now what this

  12. on Saturday 16th of December 2017 06:56:44 PM

    I know of a man named Rehab who works as a therapist in rehab. I call him Rahaab from reehaab.

  13. on Sunday 21st of January 2018 03:09:24 AM

    My self RehabDeen from India, proud to carry this name ….

  14. on Tuesday 8th of May 2018 04:41:37 PM

    My name is rehab and i heard the meaning of this name..janat ki paak rooh and pakeezgi

  15. on Thursday 24th of May 2018 06:59:45 PM

    I my name isRehab and my mother told me that the name of the last royal palace in Iraq for King Faisal was called Rehab

  16. on Sunday 17th of June 2018 05:00:02 PM

    My name is Rehab and my parents told that its meaning is air of paradise or jannat ki hava

  17. on Monday 27th of August 2018 11:03:59 PM

    rahab and rehab, are these names related?

    answer me please

  18. on Tuesday 15th of January 2019 04:35:21 PM

    My self Rehabdeen from india and too in Tamilnadu… Really proud for having a such unique and great Name… Assalamu Aliakum…..

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