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will u plz suggest names starting with alif for my daughter


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Please take a look at this page: Quranic Girl Names Starting With A

And check out the list below. All of the names are good names for girls from the Quran. If you have questions regarding any of them please write a new question to us about it.

Abdaar (full moon)
Abraar (pious, devoted to Allah)
Abkaar (young)
Abiyya (respect-worthy, one who rejects disrespect)
Ajlaa (beautiful)
Ahaasin (beautiful)
Ahlaa (beautiful, sweet)
Ahwarriyya (white skinned, or with dark black eyes)
Akhyaar (great, the best of the best)
Artaal (beauty, consistency, harmony, symmetry)
Arwaa (amazing, beautiful, aunt of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his companions, and daughter of Uthman ibn Affan)
Aryaad (calm, lenient, forbearing)
Azaheer (flowers, plural of "flower")
Azhar (blossoming, read like az-har)
Asmaa (high, exalted)
Ashmas (clear, enlightened, full of sunlight)
Asael or Asayil (late afternoon)
Asalah, Aslaan, Aseel, Aseela (good quality, high status, having strong roots, having good family and lineage)
Asbaar (patience)
Azwaa (rays of light)
Afraah (happiness)
Afkaar (thoughts, ideas)
Aflaak (cosmos, path of the stars and galaxies)
Aqdaar (decrees, destinies)
Aqmaar (plural of moon)
Akaabir (greatest)
Akaarim (best, most respectable, most gracious)
Alhaan (tune, melody, song)
Altaaf (subtly kind)
Amaani (wish, hope)
Amat al-Haq, Amat ar-Rahman, Amat ar-Raheem, Amat al-Azeez, Amat Allah or Amatullah (all of these mean "property of Allah", slave and servant of Allah, they can be said as Amat al-Azeez or Amatul Azeez, the "al" can be linked to the second part, or changed to "ul" and linked to the first)
Amjaad (greatness, glory, honorable)
Amtaar (rain)
Amwaaj (sea waves)
Amoon (safe, trusted)
Ameera (ruler, leader)
Ameenah (trustworthy, one who keeps her promises)
Anjum (stars)
Ansaar (help and support)
Anhaar (plural of "river")
Anwaar (plural of "light", i.e. brilliance and radiance)
Ahdaaf (plural of "goal")
Awzaah (clarify, the moon)

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    girls names in j alphabet directly meaning in quraan

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