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Is Ayla or Aila a suitable name for girl ? Supposed to mean beautiful like moon in Turkish ?


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Ayla, which can also be written as Aylah, Aila, Ailah, pronounced (A)rdent + pra(Y) + (LU)sh, is an Arabic word that refers to a city in southern Jordan. The city was founded by the Rashid Khalifa Uthman ibn Affan, may Allah be pleased with him. It doesn't come from a Quranic root and it doesn't seem to have any meaning other than this city, since the meaning is not bad, you can use this as a name for a girl.

Ayla is also a Turkish/Farsi name that means halo around the moon, and more generally it means moonlight. This name doesn't come from Islamic sources, but since the meaning is good Muslims can use it.

A synonym for the Turkish/Farsi name Ayla is Aylin, which is also an acceptable name for girls, though it doesn't come from Islamic sources.

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Tuesday 1st of July 2014 10:14:35 AM

    My name is Ayla its origin is Turkish(I’m also Turkish) Ayla is a common Turkish feminine name that means “halo of light around the moon.The name may also be encountered in other Turkic languages, for example, as an Azeri name.

    Since Ayla is reserved for the feminine, it is usually synonymous with “moonlight,” although it could also mean “halo” in general. “Ay” means “moon” in Turkish, so that “Ayla” means the “halo around the moon.Ayla” also means “with the moon” as a word (“ay” + “la” where “la” is used for “ile” which means “with” in Turkish), but in the context of given names, its meaning is halo, and can be related to names Aylin (also deriving from “ay”), or Aylanur.

  2. on Friday 4th of July 2014 05:55:42 PM

    As the other sister (called Ayla) has mentioned, Ayla is of Turkish AND Hebrew origins, it all depends on the pronunciation tbh. For example, the Hebrew pronunciation of the name Ayla which means oak tree is h(a)y +(la)ugh – i’m not really sure about the Turkish pronunciation though… but either way the name Ayla will probably mispronounced as eye + luh in the UK and EU countries.

    Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful and very uncommon (at least here in the UK) name!

  3. on Tuesday 6th of January 2015 10:58:15 AM

    According to Arabic name book aila also means noble and is from the same origin as aaliyah

  4. on Saturday 6th of June 2015 02:53:36 AM

    Eleanor is from Helena (middle name from fathers mother very rel,…name stem from is from Ireland = AilIdh; from my native Gaelic. Eavan herself at 18 as changing hers to Celtic. I am so Happy ! She kind of asked permission, & I gave her air hugs and & said pronounce properly PLEASE! which is Aevan. So Beautiful. She was teary & said THANKS MOM! So I found it Eleanor is ellie which in Gaelic is a long consanental Elea..or Alidhh (spiritual light) which in Arabic Aila or Noble.

  5. on Monday 6th of July 2015 11:41:16 AM

    For muslims aila is not a good name because aila in arabic spelled with ayn.yeh.lam means poverty. Its also onnd quran surah tawbah verse 28. I named my daughter aila n recently found out that t means poor and poverty

  6. on Thursday 28th of July 2016 06:50:41 AM

    Is the word Aila in the Quran?i wanted to name my daughter but I’m not sure what the exact meaning is.

  7. on Wednesday 7th of September 2016 05:10:02 AM

    The pronounciation of Aila is with an aliph so it’s not going to sound like ‘Aila which means poverty in Surah Tawbah. Is this correct?

  8. on Sunday 11th of December 2016 01:04:32 PM

    Dear! Ayla is not spelled with ayn its spelled with alef in arabic..sura tawaba verse 28 word is totally different..ايلا

  9. on Tuesday 20th of December 2016 01:28:56 AM

    I like Ayla and want to name my daughter but is this Muslim name?? And what is its meaning

  10. on Monday 8th of May 2017 08:23:09 AM

    I love the name, I have a friend who’s daughters name is iyla, she is beautiful.

  11. on Monday 8th of May 2017 08:25:17 AM

    I love the name iyla and prefer spelling with an ‘i’ in English. 🙂

  12. on Monday 8th of May 2017 08:26:33 AM

    The name is beautiful, such a pretty meaning and easy to pronounce no matter how its spelt. 😀 LOVE IT!

  13. on Monday 8th of May 2017 08:27:19 AM

    What a beautiful meaning. Perfect for a little princess

  14. on Wednesday 31st of May 2017 03:10:38 PM

    Iyla is such a beautiful name – meaning Moonlight in Turkish. It can be spelt with an A or an I, but I like it as Iyla

  15. on Monday 14th of August 2017 08:04:15 AM

    Ayla in Arabic is the one of Ayael meaning deers, thus Ayla means a deer just like Reem and Rasha and Maha.

  16. on Friday 5th of January 2018 06:50:00 PM

    I am named Ayla, and was named this by my mother who found this name in her favorite book “Clan of the Cave Bears” which as an adult, I still have yet to read, but I was told my mother picked the name due to the character in the book and her bravery, etc. She pronounced it A(as in “ate” in English) La(as in LUnch in English) however my Arabic brothers and sisters pronounce it the Turkish way, which is “Eye” “La” and I answer to both.

  17. on Wednesday 8th of August 2018 11:34:37 AM

    my name is ailah and it means a kind women its a perfect

  18. on Tuesday 22nd of January 2019 01:44:06 PM

    Can someone please write Ailah in Arabic for me?? My daughter’s name

  19. on Wednesday 20th of November 2019 06:43:23 PM

    ايلا = ailah in Arabic for comment number 18

  20. on Saturday 28th of August 2021 10:56:40 AM

    Ayla means Moon god. Ay is the name of a moon god.

  21. on Friday 15th of April 2022 09:29:45 AM

    Can you spell Ayla as Iylah (eye-la) and would it still have the same meaning (moonlight)?

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