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I want a good boy name


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Please look at the names on this page, they are all from the Quran with good meanings:

Quranic Names for Boys

Here is also an additional list of names. Many of them haven't yet been added to the site. All of them are from the Quran and with good meanings:

Atheer (light reflected from a sword's blade, a person of high status and good qualities)
Ahkam (wise and decisive)
Adham (name of Prophet's companion)
Arhab (intelligent, open minded, gracious)
Azhar (brilliant and radiant)
Aslan and Aseel (noble, upperclass)
Asbar (patient)
Atyab (good, pious and kind)
Akram (honorable)
Amjad (majestic and exalted)
Ameen (trustworthy)
Anwar (enlightened, brilliant)
Ayman (blessed)
Ayyub (prophet's name)
Abed (worshiper of Allah)
Adel (fair and just)
Aref (scholar, knowledgeable person)
Azem, Azaam and Azmi (patient and with strong will power)
Asef (brave)
Asem (protector)
Atef (compassionate)
Akef (someone who worships Allah constantly)
Atiq (gracious, original)
Azz, Aziz (honorable, powerful)
Ataa (gift from Allah)
Affan and Afeef (virtuous, chaste, pious)
Ayyash (long-lived)

Hameed (praiseworthy)
Hamdi (praiseworthy)
Hamed (someone who praises Allah often)
Hammad (same meaning as Hamed)
Hamdan (same meaning as Hamed)
Hadi (guide)
Hakeem (wise)
Hassaan (beautiful and perceptive, name of the poet of the Prophet SAW Hassaan bin Thabit)
Haleem (forebearing, someone who is kind and doesn't get angry)
Hilmi (same meaning as Haleem)
Hayyan (full of life)
Haneef (someone who is truly devoted to Allah)
Hameem (good friend)
Hafeez (trustworthy guardian)
Haseeb (noble and with good character)
Habeeb (loving)

Katib: writer
Kashif: discoverer
Kazem: forbearing, able to control his anger
Kamil: flawless
Kafee: needless of others
Kareem: gracious
Kamal: flawlessness
Kinan: home, shelter, place of safety

Munis, Manoos (source of tranquility)
Mati (the best of the best)
Majid (great)
Mazin (rain bearing cloud, or bright-faced)
Mazi (sharp sword, the past)
Matir (bringer of rain)
Malik (owner, leader)
Mubarak (blessed)
Majd, Maajed, Majeed, and Majdi: sublime and having good character
Mazen: rain-bearing cloud
Matir: full of blessings
Malik: owner, king
Mubarak, Mabrur and Mabruk: blessed
Mubeen: clear, eloquent
Mujahid, Mukafih: one who strives in the cause of Allah
Mujib: answerer, one who answers the needs of others and helps them
Muhib: loving
Muhsin and Muhaysin: doer of good deeds
Mukhlis: sincere and loyal
Murad: goal
Masrur: happy
Mishari: name of a famous Quran reciter, it means merchant
Misdaq: one who tells the truth
Moein: helper
Mufti: scholar who gives authentic answers to people's questions
Muqtadir, Makeen: able, powerful
Makarim: graciousness
Mukrim: one who makes others feel respected
Muneeb: one who always returns to Allah after sinning
Muneer and Manaar: source of light and guidance
Milad: beginning, dawn, start
Marshad and Murshed: guide

Rauf,Rawaf and Rafat and Raif (kind)
Rayi' (amazing)
Raahem (kind)
Raadee or Raazee (content and accepting Allah's decree)
Raased (lion)
Raagheb (ambitious)
Rajaa (hope)
Rahaal (someone who travels a lot)
Rahoom (kind)
Rashaad, Roshd, Roshdi and Raashed and Rasheed (well-guided by Allah)
Rida (contentment)
Rafa'ah (high)
Razi (content)

Sabir (patient)
Salih (pious)
Siddiq (true believer in God)
Sajid (a man who does sujood a lot)
Sahib (friend)
Saqib (piecing bright light)

Zaaed, Zayed, Zaid, Zyad, Zyada, Zyadi, Zaydan, Zaydun, Zaidi (growth and progress)
Zaeem (leader)
Zakaria (prophet's name)
Zakee (good and pure)
Zahran and Zuhair (bright, radiant, or like a flower)
Zain (beauty and adornment)
Ziaa (brilliance, radiance, light)
Zaif (guest)

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Saturday 25th of June 2016 03:01:10 AM

    Assalam walaikum,

    I was blessed with Baby Girl , we are decided to name her as Hiza Fatima , Could you please suggest is this correct name

  2. on Thursday 6th of October 2016 08:08:04 AM


    insyaAllah i want to name by daughter ‘Aisyah’. My question can i add another good arabic name after ‘Aisyah’?.

    Thank you

  3. on Monday 16th of October 2017 09:20:50 AM

    Asalam-U-Walaikum i want to blessed with baby boy we are decided to name Afnan,he born friday,so please suggest is this correct name for my baby?

  4. on Thursday 28th of March 2019 09:24:03 AM

    Aslam o alikum my son name is Muwaiyah date of birth is 17 .sep .2018 can u plz check is it suitable for him?? Bczmy child healthy is day by day very down I’m worried plz help my and suggested me…

  5. on Tuesday 31st of December 2019 02:37:43 AM

    I want kept my baby’s name Arham
    Please let me know

  6. on Friday 24th of April 2020 08:59:25 PM

    Asalam-U-Walaikum i want to blessed with baby boy. He born 28/march/2020 saturday at 6:30pm so please suggest the name for my baby?

  7. on Friday 24th of April 2020 09:06:57 PM

    Please Suggest the best name is it suitable for him? Morden and unique with good meaning

  8. on Thursday 9th of September 2021 11:14:27 AM

    Assalamualikum I was blessed a boy baby we are decided to name Arhaan. Please suggest me is this correct name in Islaam

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