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Would you please let me know how to spell and pronounce the name "Ayisha". Does "Ayisha Aylin" make sense?


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Ayisha is pronounced as (A)mple + (I)slam + (SH)ape + h(U)mble. There is a pause between the A and the I, so Ayisha is more correctly pronounced as A'isha. But since this is difficult to say even Arabs say Ayisha, which is (A)mple + Y(ield) + beaut(I)ful + (SH)ape + h(U)mble. The "A" at the beginning is a long A and the stress is on it: Aaayisha, the "yisha" part is said quickly.

Ayisha means someone who lives well, who has a good life, Aylin is a Turkish name meaning halo around the moon. Ayisha Aylin means "Aylin, the woman who lives well, who has a good life". To me the meaning is acceptable.

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