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Assalam-un-Alehkum. Could I name a son “Mohammed Yuzaarseef”? Could you please advise your opinion?


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Mohammed is another spelling of Muhammad is a good name whose meaning you can see here: Muhammad

From what I can find, Yuzaarseef is said to be the name of Prophet Yusuf peace be upon him in Hebrew, or the name that the Egyptians called him when he came to Egypt.

If Yuzaarseef is a common name in your culture, then it is acceptable to use it. Some scholars dislike using names that come from Hebrew and are not mentioned in Islamic sources since it is like copying Jewish names when Muslims have enough good names to use. But if the name has become common, then Muslims can claim it as their own and use it as well. Yuzaarseef can also be spelled as Yuzarseif, Yuzarsif, Youzarseef, Yuzaarsif. It is pronounced as [(YOU)] + [(Z)oom + r(U)n + p(R)ay] + [(SEE) + (F)un], with the emphasis on the last syllable. It can also be pronounced with a long "a" after the Z, as in (Z)oom + sm(A)rt.

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Saturday 6th of June 2015 04:00:04 PM

    I think yousaf as mentioned in Quran is better if someone is muslim. Because we dont follow zaboor or torah…. we accept them as books sent by Allah but their shariah is now cancelled so we shouldnt follow names mentioned in them

  2. on Saturday 17th of March 2018 05:43:14 PM

    I suppose Sharia is a different thing.. Sharia is actually an Islamic law.. but I don’t think so that names do get considered by Sharia.. Name is just a title of a person.. it doesn’t personify any kind of Sharia.. that comes with his followings..

  3. on Wednesday 24th of April 2019 01:47:48 PM

    what is the meaning of youzarsif (name) in english/urdu/arabic

  4. on Tuesday 26th of September 2023 04:13:51 PM

    Asalaam alaeykum warahmotuLLAHI wabarakaatuhu
    My name is Yusuf can I name my son Yusuf?

  5. on Sunday 31st of December 2023 05:33:24 AM

    Is Yuza a Muslim name and can it be used for boys? I can’t find anything authentic online about its origin, though it’s mentioned that it’s an Arabic name.

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