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I wanted to change my name, and I want some good pronouncing stylish name so I got some names just can u help me to sought it out what should I keep to be most suited match with surname tariq. The names I liked r as follows Musfirah Zarafshan Eshal Inaya Arfa Narmeen Sehrish. I will be very thankful to u 4 this obligation please reply soon will be waiting n Ramadan Mubarak.....


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First I will list the meanings of each individual name and at the end will give you my general opinion inshAllah:

For the meaning of Musfirah please see this page: Musfira

Zarafshan, which can be pronounced with a long middle "a" or a short one, i.e. Zarafshan or Zaraafshan, is a Farsi girl name meaning "spreader of gold", one who gives away gold coins. Zar means gold, afshan means spreader.

For Eshal please see: Eshaal

For Inaya see: Inaya

For Arfa see: Arfa

Narmeen is a Kurdish and Farsi name for girls that means soft, gentle, delicate.

Sehrish according to some sites is a Farsi name meaning to enchant, or magical. This word is not used as a name by Persians actually, but it is popular in Desi culture, for this reason it is acceptable to use it. It comes from Sehr, which means magic and enchanting, and ish, which in Farsi means "its/her/his". Thus the word Sehrish in Farsi means "her magic", "her power to enchant". It is pronounced as (SE)nd + (H)umble + (RE)d + (SH)ape in Farsi, it is possible that people in Pakistan and India pronounce it differently.

The names are acceptable and it is up to personal opinion and preference which one you choose. Some people may not like the name Sehrish because magic is forbidden in Islam, even though the magic here refers to a woman's beauty. Thus the meaning isn't bad, but some people aren't able to understand this.

Islam doesn't contain any particular rules for naming. So long as the name doesn't have a forbidden meaning, one can use it. Many of the companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah upon him and his companions, had meaningless names or names with meanings like spider, snake, fox, etc. When the Prophet didn't like a name he would change it for the person, but he didn't change these names. This shows that names aren't a big deal in Islam so long as they don't have an extremely negative meaning.

You can take into account things like which one is the easiest to pronounce for people in your country and language, or which one is easiest on the tongue for you, or which one you simply like more. You can read some more tips on choosing between names on this answer: Choosing between ‘Raneem’ and ‘Anayah’

Personally I like Narmeen best and it seems easiest to say, but this is just a personal opinion.

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  1. on Tuesday 20th of January 2015 08:08:59 AM

    what is the meaning of (Inaya Islam). i want a beautiful name which is attach with islam and also has a beautiful meaning.

  2. on Tuesday 23rd of November 2021 01:21:35 AM

    What is the correct meaning of the name Eshaal and what is the exact spelling (Eshaal or Eshal). Is this name suitalbe for muslim baby boy?

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