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A Quranic Name for Girls

Short meaning of SanaLight and Radiance
See below for detailed meaning
How to pronounce Sana

Sweet + sUn + NAp

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Sana in Arabic)سَنا
Quranic Nature
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Directly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of SanaSena Sanaa
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Quranic Root
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Meaning of Sana

Sana is a direct Quranic name for girls meaning to shine dazzlingly, to glitter, to glow. It is used in the Quran in 24:43 when describing lightning:

Do you not see that Allah drives clouds? Then He brings them together, then He makes them into a mass, and you see the rain emerge from within it. And He sends down from the sky, mountains [of clouds] within which is hail, and He strikes with it whom He wills and averts it from whom He wills. The flash of its lightening almost takes away the eyesight. (Quran 24:43)

Reader Comments:

  1. Anonymous on Friday 22nd of January 2016 12:19:16 PM

    What is difference between Sanaa and Sana?I really want to know about it
    Its very important and I hope that you will agree to give me the answer

  2. Anonymous on Wednesday 10th of May 2017 11:47:54 AM

    निताशा /Nitasha is an girl name from Hindi language, Indian languages .It is joining of नित + आशा Here नित means regular, continuous + आशा means hope. It is pronounced as Nitaashaa/ nitAshA

  3. Anonymous on Wednesday 10th of May 2017 11:51:04 AM

    Sana/Sanaa सना means – always, perpetually, from of old. ( In Hindi and Sanskrit)

  4. Anonymous on Thursday 8th of June 2017 03:43:40 AM

    Sanskrit /Hindi girl names with meaning
    ■ Sana सना -eternal, perpetually, ancient, long lasting
    ●Sanaya सनाया- eternal, from of old, tarry, ancient. It is derived from Sanskrit word Sanay / सनय
    ♥ Visha विषा- understanding(wise) , a kind of aconite, a tree (commonly called अति /Atis, its bark is used as a red dye), Intellect
    � Vishantaki विषान्तकी- poison-destroying, antidotal. It is feminine of विषान्तक
    +< veerika/virika वीरिका- brave girl, courageous woman
    Veerini/Virini वीरिणी- a mother of sons, another name of wife of Daksha
    => Veerani/Virani वीरणी- a mother of sons
    ♥ Vihani/Vihaani विहानी- morning, related to dawn. It is feminine of विहान
    ♥ Vihana/Vihaana विहाना- morning, dawn. It is derived from Sanskrit word विहान
    >> Vaishakha वैशाखा- born in month Vaishakh/वैशाख , without branches, [ In ancient time it was the name of a lioness]
    # Vishalika विशालिका- big, magnificent, ‘endearment form of Vishali’
    @ Vishalila विशालिला- big, broad
    Vishalini विशालिनी- very large, magnificent. It is derived from Sanskrit & hindi word विशाल
    ♥ Viveka विवेका-wisdom, judgement, discussion, discrimination [ between two things ], discretion true knowledge, investigation, faculty of distinguishing and classifying things according to their real properties
    => Viveki विवेकी- wise, intelligent, judicious
    >> Vivekini विवेकिनी -investigating, separated, prudent, distinguishing, discriminative, judicious, wise. It is feminine of विवेकिन्
    # Vivekita विवेकिता- wisdom, discriminativeness, discernment, judgement
    � Vivekata विवेकता- intelligence, discernment, discriminativeness
    �> Vivekavati विवेकवती- intelligent, possessing discrimination, judicious, discerning. It is feminine of विवेकवत्
    Viryatama वीर्यतमा- most potent or powerful or effective. It is feminine of वीर्यतम
    ● Vishali विशाली- large, broad, eminent, great, illustrious
    ♥ vishalika विशालिका-large, great, wodier tree [ lannea coromandelica – bot.]
    # Vishala विशाला- huge, broad, eminent, bitter cucumber [ citrullus colocynthis – bot. ], malabar spinach [ basella alba – bot. ], chickenweed
    plant [ portulaca quadrifiga – bot. ]
    >> Vishalada विशालदा- great, huge, camelthorn- bush [ Alhagi Maurorum – Bot. ]
    >< Vishalakshi /Vishalaxi विशालाक्षी- "large-eyed", a form of goddess durga, indian heliotrope [ tiaridium indicum -bot. ]
    #Vira विरा-wife, matron (whose husband, son are alive), intoxicating beverage
    #Veera वीरा-a particular shruti (in music) [in hindi it means brave girl]
    #Veeraya वीरया (ind.) courageously, boldly
    #Virajyi विराज्ञी-queen, female ruler
    #Virajaani वीरजानि-wife of a brave person
    It is joining of वीर + जानि Here वीर means brave+जानि means wife hence it means wife of a brave male
    #Virajita विराजिता-eminent, splendid, brilliant
    it is derived from Sanskrit word विराजित
    #Virajini विराजिनी-brilliant, splendid
    It is derved from विराजिन्
    #Vishoka विशोका-happy, without sorrow
    #Vishoki विशोकी- happy, without sorrow
    #Vipasha विपाशा-tie, unnoosed, untied, Name of a river also known as 'Bipasha'
    It is joining of वि+पाशा.Here वि means without & पाश means noose, tied
    #Vandita वन्दिता-praised, celebrated
    $ Vihitaविहिता- command, decree, bestowed, apportioned
    #Vijetri विजेत्री-Champion
    #Vidhijyaa विधिज्ञ- lawyer
    #Vatsaa वत्सा-daughter
    #Vibhusha विभूषा- decoration, ornament, splendour
    #Vibhushita विभूषिता-decorated, lighted, splendid
    #Vaishali वैशाली- great, big, powerful, name of an ancient Princess
    #Vela वेला-time, season, tide, occasion
    #Viha विहा-heaven
    #Vani वनि-desire bestowing fire procuring
    #Vanee वनी-forest, wood
    #Vaani वाणी-voice, sound
    #Vineeti विनीति- training, modesty, good behavior
    #Vahita वाहिता- flow
    #Vachika वाचिका-messenger, reciter, vebal
    #Vaashi वाशी-roaring, crying
    #Vadini वादिनी-musician, teacher, speaking, designating
    #Vakshi वक्षि-flame
    #Vanana वनना- desire
    #Vartika वर्तिका-paint-brush, colour, stalk, gas
    #Vari वरी-river, streams
    #Varni वर्णि- gold
    #Varada वरदा-sunflower, maiden, girl, young
    #Valli वल्लि-earth
    #Valli/Vallee वल्ली-creeper
    #Vallabha वल्लभा-wife, mistress, beloved
    #Vallabhi वल्लभी-wife, beloved, desired
    #Vavata वावाता-King's favorite wife
    #Vivaxita/Vivakshita विवक्षिता-favorite, to be urged, essential, chief, wished
    ♥Vasvi वस्वी-night
    ♥Vastavi वास्तवी-real, true, fact
    ■ Jini जिनी- victorious, sage (female). It is feminine of Sanskrit word Jin /जिन
    ■ Trisha तृषा- strong desire, thirst, desire as daughter of God of love ( कामदेव की पुत्री)
    Meaning of Sanskrit girl names
    ■ Trishala त्रिशला -3 bristles long, name of mother of Mahavir. It is feminine of त्रिशल
    Meaning of Sanskrit Girl Names
    �Livi लिवि /लिवी- Writing, hand-writing, or a
    writing, a manuscript.
    $ Libi लिबि/लिबी-writing, a manuscript
    � Lohinika/ Lohineeka लोहिनीका- red glow
    # Taranitanaya तरणितनया- " sun-daughter ", the river Yamuna. Here means sun means daughter
    $ Taranti तरन्ती- a boat , ship
    � Tarasa तरसा- speedily , directly, quick , energetic
    # Tarasvati तरस्वती- " the swift ones " , the rivers
    � Tarasvini तरस्विनी -quick , violent , energetic , bold
    # Tari तरि- a boat
    ♥ Tarita तरिता- " leader " , the fore-finger garlic (or " hemp ", a form of goddess Durgā
    # Tartareeka तर्तरीका- being in the habit of crossing (a river), a boat
    ♥ Tamoghni तमोघ्नी- "destroying darkness ".It is feminine of . Here means darkness means to destroy
    # Tamisraa तमिस्रा- darkness, a dark night
    � Tamasvati तमस्वती- gloomy, night ,turmeric
    # Tamasvani तमस्वनी
    ♥ Tamasvini तमस्विनी- night
    @ Tapti तप्ति- heat
    � Taapti ताप्ति- heat, Name of a daughter of Sun-god
    # Tapovriddhi तपोवृद्धि- rich in religious austerity. Here means to increase means religious austerity
    $ Tapovati तपोवती- engaged in austerities
    # Tapovana तपोवना- a grove in which religious
    austerities are performed
    ♥ Tampa तम्पा- a cow
    ♥ Tamba तम्बा- a cow
    @ Tari तरी/तरि- a boat , ship, a clothes-basket ,the hem of a garment
    # Tarangavati तरंगवती/तरङ्गवती- "having waves " , a river. Here तरङ्ग means waves + वती means to have
    $ Tarangika तरङ्गिका/तरंगिका- a wave, wavy
    # Tarangita तरङ्गिता/तरंगिता- having waves ,wavy , waving , overflown (by tears) , moving, restlessly to and fro
    # Tarangini तरङ्गिणी/तरंगिणी-"having waves"(river), ( moving restlessly to and fro) a river
    $ Tarala तरला- moving to and fro ,tremulous, a bee spirituous liquor, Name of a Yoginī, rice-gruel
    # Taruchhaya तरुच्छाया- the shade of a tree
    @ Taruja तरुजा- produced bya tree (a flower , fruit ). Here तरु means tree + जा means produced from
    # Taruta तरुता- the state of a tree
    $ Taruruha तरुरुहा- " growing on trees " = [ -bhuj
    $ Taruvalli तरुवल्ली- a creeper, a kind of Oldenlandia (dyeing red)
    ♥ Tarustha तरुस्था- growing on trees
    # Tarunata तरुणता- freshness ,vigour
    ♥ Taruni तरुणी- girl, young lady
    $ Taruna तरुणा- girl, youth, fresh, new
    # Tarunika- young lady, girl
    $ Tarka तर्का- reasoning , inquiry "
    $ Tallika तल्लिका- a key
    # Talli तल्ली- a young woman ,Varuna's wife (वरुण देव की पत्नी), a boat
    $ Taluna तलुना – young, youth. It is derived from Sanskrit eord तलुन
    ♥ Taluni तलुनी- a maiden, young lady
    # Talina तलिन-thin , fine, " slender , meagre", little
    separate , having spaces ,clear
    # Talinodari तलिनोदरी- a slender-waisted woman. Here तलिन means slender + उदरी means waist of woman
    $ Talika तलिका- A martingale.
    # Taloda तलोदा- " whose water flows downwards " , a river
    $ Talasi/Talaasi तलासि-strokes with the palms and with swords
    # Talachi/Talaachi तलाची- " spread on the ground " , a mat
    $ Talaa तला- surface , level , flat roof (of a house) . It is feminine of
    ♥ Tarhi तर्हि- at that time ,then , at that moment , in that case
    # Tarshula तर्षुला " desiring . It is feminine of तर्षुल
    ♥ Tarsha तर्षा- thirst ,wish , desire for. It is feminine of तर्ष
    # Tarshachetasi तर्षचेतसी- eagerly desirous of . Here तर्ष means desirous + चेतसी means eagerly
    $ Tarshana तर्षणा- thirst ,desire . It is feminine of तर्षण
    # Tarshita तर्षिता- thirst, desirous of . It is derived from Sanskrit word तर्षित
    $ Tarshuka तर्षुका- thirsty, desirous. It is derived from Sanskrit word तर्षुक
    # Tarpita तर्पिता- satisfied, satiation. It is feminine of तर्पित
    $ Tarpana तर्पणा- satiety, satiating ,gladdening, refreshment , food
    # Tarpani तर्पणी- Name of a plant, satiated, refreshment. It is feminine of तर्पण
    Meaning of Sanskrit Girl Names
    ♥Livi लिवि /लिवी- Writing, hand-writing, or a
    writing, a manuscript.
    $ Libi लिबि/लिबी-writing, a manuscript
    ♥ Lohinika/ Lohineeka लोहिनीका- red glow or
    lustre Lohitangi लोहिताङ्गी/लोहितांगी- "red-
    limbed ".Here लोहित means red + अङ्गी means
    one whose limbs or body are
    $ Lalami/Lalaami ललामी- having a mark or spot
    on the forehead, marked with paint (as
    cattle) ,having any mark or sign, beautiful,
    charming ,eminent, best of its kind ,ornament,
    decoration, embellishment. It is feminine of ललाम
    # Lalama/Lalaama ललामा- having a mark or
    spot on forehead, beautiful, best of its kind,
    ornament, decoration. It is feminine of ललाम
    $ Lakshika/Laakshika लाक्षिका- relating to or
    dyed with lac, relating to a large number or to a
    lac. It is feminine of लाक्षिक
    # Lakshani/Laakshani लाक्षणी- relating to or
    acquainted with characteristic signs or marks
    $ Lakshanika लाक्षणिका- knowing marks,
    acquainted with signs, an interpreter of marks or
    indicatory, expressing indirectly or figuratively.
    metaphorical, secondary, technical
    $ Lakshaki/Laakshaki लाक्षकी- A name of
    goddess Sita, related to lac or dye, having
    auspicious signs or marks
    # Lauheyi लौहेयी- red coloured, copper coloured,
    Name of an Apsaras
    # Lashita लषिता- desire, strive after, long for
    $ Lashati लषति- to wish, desire
    # Lashyati लष्यति- desire, long for
    $ Lasya लास्या- a dancing girl
    ♥ Lumbika लुम्बिका- a kind of drum
    #Lishati लिशति- to go, move, lessen
    ♥ Leshyaa लेश्या- light
    # Lesha लेशा- small, little, some
    $ Lapini/Laapini लापिनी- speaking , uttering
    ,wailing , lamenting. It is feminine of लापिन्
    # Lapinika/Laapinika लापिनिका- talk ,
    $ Laghuvritti लघुवृत्ति- " short commentary ",
    having a light nature ,light in conduct or
    behaviour, light-minded, ill-conducted or
    conditioned, ill-done , mismanaged
    # Laghuhasta लघुहस्ता- light-handed , ready-
    handed , possessing skill in the hands (as an
    archer , writer ) , a good archer. Here लघु means
    light, skilled + हस्त means hand
    # Laghishtha लघिष्ठा- (superlative of [ laghu ]
    q.v.) most light or quick ,very light or quick. It is
    feminine of लघिष्ठ
    $ Laghiyasi लघीयसी- more or very quick or light.
    It is feminine of लघीयस्
    # Lankhani लङ्खनी/लंखनी- the bit of a bridle
    $ Lajjari लज्जरी- a white sensitive plant
    ● Shrita श्रिता -standing or lying or being or fixed or situated in or on, contained in, connected with, one who has gone or resorted to, having attained or fallen into a condition, gone to, approached, had recourse to, sought, occupied (as a place),
    taken, chosen, served, honoured, worshipped, subservient, subordinate, auxiliary. It is feminine of श्रित
    ● Srita सृता -going, running, gone, flight, escape
    ■ Sarita सरिता – "flowing", river
    ♧ Sriti सृति -a road, path ,wandering, transmigration, aiming at, producing
    ☆ Shriti श्रिति -approach, recourse, entering
    ■ Sritvari / Sritwari सृत्वरी- running, swift, nimble, mother
    □ Matri मातृ -A mother, divine mother, the personified energy of a deity or his wife; cow, female of the Brahman tribe, or the wife of a Brahman, The earth, A name of goddess LAKSHMI, goddess Durga
    ■ Matrika मातृका -a mother,
    a divine mother, a grandmother, Name of 8 veins on both sides of the neck (prob. so called after the 8 divine mother) ,Name of partic. diagrams (written in characters to which a magical power is ascribed ; also the alphabet so employed ; prob. only the 14 vowels with अनुस्वार and विसर्ग were originally so called after the 16 divine magical), a wooden peg driven into the ground for the support of the staff of इन्द्र 's banner
    ● Saa सा – bestowing, granting, name of goddess Lakshmi(goddess of wealth & fortune), Name of goddess Durga
    ■ Richika /Richeeka ऋचीका- praising, one who sings hymns
    . It is feminine form of Richik
    ● Riddhi ऋद्धि -increase, growth, prosperity, success, good fortune, wealth, abundance,
    accomplishment, perfection, supernatural power, magic, a kind of medicinal plant
    Name of goddess Parvati ( पार्वती), Name of goddess Lakshmi (लक्ष्मी ), Name of one of 2 wives of lord Ganesh
    ♤ Riddhila ऋद्धिला- fortunate, wealthy. Here ऋद्धि means success, wealth+ ला means giving or having
    ■ Ridhama रिधमा- spring, love. It is feminine of Ridham

    ● Irita /Eerita ईरिता- Sent, dispatched, Said, uttered, Gone, Made
    ● Idi इदि- possessing power, having supreme power
    ■ Indati इन्दति- having power, possessing superhuman power
    Sanskrit girl names with meaning
    ● Smriti स्मृति -remembrance, reminiscence, thinking of or upon, calling to mind, memory,
    Memory (personified either as the daughter of
    दक्ष /Daksh and wife of अङ्गिरस् or as the daughter of धर्म and मेधा ) the whole body of sacred tradition or what is remembered by human teachers (in contradistinction to Shruti/श्रुति or what is directly heard or revealed to the ऋषि /Rishi s ; in its widest acceptation this use of the term स्मृति includes the 6 Vedanga वेदाङ्ग s, the सूत्र/Sutras both श्रौत /Shraut and गृह्य/ Guhya , the law-books of मनु ), the whole body of codes of law as handed down memoriter or by tradition ( esp. the codes of मनु ,याज्ञवल्क्य and the 16 succeeding inspired lawgivers, viz. अत्रि , विष्णु , हारीत , उशनस् or शुक्र , अङ्गिरस् , यम , आपस्तम्ब , संवर्त, कात्यायन ,बृहस्-पति , पराशर , व्यास , शङ्ख, लिखीत , दक्ष and गौतम ; all these lawgivers being held to be inspired and to have based their precepts on the Veda वेद), symbolical Name for the number 18 (fr. the 18 lawgivers above )
    a kind of metre ,desire, wish
    ■ Smrita स्मृता -remembered, recollected, called to mind, thought of, mentioned, handed down, taught, prescribed, (esp. ) enjoined by स्मृति or traditional law, declared or propounded in the law-books declared as, passing for, termed, styled, named, remembrance, recollection
    ■ Smita स्मित – smiling, gentle laugh, blossomed
    ● Smiti स्मिति- smiling, laughter, expanded
    ☆ Swakshi / Svakshi / Swaxi स्वक्षी – beautiful eyed woman
    ● Swakshini /Svakshini / Swaxini स्वक्षिणी- beautiful eyed
    ● Samudri सामुद्री- related to sea, oceanic

    ♥ Shivin शिविन्- auspicious, dear, favourable. It is a derived name from Sanskrit word Shiva/शिव . As Sanskrit word रोहिन् is derived from रोह/रोह् and बोधिन् derived from बोध. Many more examples can be given in support of this, surely.
    ♥ Shivil शिविल- gracious, benignant, dear. It is derived name from Sanskrit word Shiva/शिव, as बुद्धिल is derived from बुद्ध and रामिल is derived from राम
    # Shivam शिवं/ शिवम्- happiness, pleasure, auspiciousness, water, Borax
    ♥ Shiv शिव-auspicious, propitious, gracious, favourable, happy, friendly, liberation, welfare, the penis
    # Shivakirtan/ShivKirtan शिवकीर्तन- an attendant onlord Shiva, act of praising or celebrating lord Shiva, A name of Lord Vishnu . Here शिव means lord Shiva + कीर्तन means celebration, praise or one who celebrates
    $ Shivakinkar/ShivKinkar शिवकिंकिर- Lord Shiva's servant. Here शिव means lord Shiva + किंकिर means servant of
    # Shivakar/Shivkar शिवकर- propitious, auspicious, causing happiness or prosperity. Here शिव means happiness, prosperity + कर means one who causes
    $ Shivakaram/Shivkaram शिवकरम्/ शिवकरं- auspicious, causing happiness or prosperity(It is noun form of शिवकर)
    # Shivak शिवक- an idol or image of Lord Shiva, a pillar or post to which cows are tied
    $ Shivankar शिवङ्कर/शिवंकर- auspicious, a sword, conferring happiness or good fortune. Here शिवम् means happiness, good fortune + कर means to confer
    # Shivankaram शिवङ्करं/शिवंकरम्- auspicious, conferring happiness or good fortune
    $ Shivesht शिवेष्ट- "loved by lord Shiva", dear to God Shiva. Here शिव means lord Shiva + इष्ट means dear, loved
    # Shivakant/ShivKant शिवकान्त- "dear to God Shiva". Here शिव means lord Shiva + कान्त means dear, loved
    $ Shivajya शिवज्ञ- knowing what is fortunate or propitious, worshipping lord Shiva. Here शिव means fortunate, lord Shiva + ज्ञ means one who knows, worshipping
    # Shivajyam शिवज्ञं- knowing what is fortunate or propitious, worshipping lord Shiva
    $ Shivajyan शिवज्ञान- knowledge of what is fortunate or of auspicious moment. Here शिव means fortunate +ज्ञान means knowledge
    Meaning of Sanskrit boy names
    Irit /Eerit- Sent, dispatched, Said, uttered, Gone, Made.

    ■ Iritakut/ Iritakoot ईरिताकूत -Declared purpose or intention. Here ईरित means declared+ आकूत means purpose
    ● Dharun धरुण -bearing, holding, supporter,
    Name of lord Brahma ( ब्रह्मा ),heaven, water,
    opinion, basis, foundation, firm ground
    the firm soil of the earth, prop, stay, receptacle

  5. Anonymous on Sunday 11th of June 2017 11:54:56 AM

    What is the different between Sana and Shana? I hope you will give me the and of my question.

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