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Please pray for my father Alhaj A. Khaja Peeran Naqshbandi’s May his blessed body never be touched by the earth. May his blessed grave be expanded without measure. May his blessed grave be lightened by the Noor of Allaah . Pray for magfirat, Jannat-ul-firdous, rizq of Jannat-ul-firdous, bed of Jannat-ul-firdous, cool breez of Jannat-ul-firdous, Aaqa Prophet (SAW) Shaafat, Allah’s deedar, Protection from aazab e qabr, and for farishtey to keep receiting durood astaghfar and kalima in the grave, for all the aish aur aaram of Jannat-ul-firdous in the qabr, may his qabr become misaal (example) of Jannat-ul-firdous. My father had to suffer for 2 months for wrong treatment at Doctors hand, he went on requested us to take him home, but we were so influenced by Dr. advised that we were hoping he will get better, but we ignored he was being tortured at their hands for monetary benefits. He was left for last three days without food and water and we were not allowed to meet him for he was in ICU for the reasons he should not be infected by outside virus. We went seeing him after he left us. He gave us good life, better future, he was so generous, in all he was a true muslim, but we became cause of his suffering, we are unable to forgive ourselves……pl pl pray for my father….Allah has taken him to a better place saving him from us, un great-full children. We brought such a miserable end to him on 18.04.2014. Pl pray for his well-being with Allah Subhanatalla

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