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Please explain about the meanings of Manha and Mahrosh. I want to select one name for my Baby Girl.

Please explain that why your website's provided names are not matching other website, in fact quranicnames.com's meanings are totally different from other several websites and it creates confusion in parents minds.


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There are many other sites on the internet that give false and unverified information about baby names. The correct meaning of Manha is given on our site on the following page:
For Mahrosh please see:

Thank you so much for your reply. I just want to make it clear that we can write Manha in urdu language with different hy like منها and منحا . Meaning first one is like direction and the meaning of second one is Gift or Grants.
Please don't mind it and could u please check again. Always some provide valid sourcs in your answers fron which you have done verification of meanings.

More is that I want to know the meaning of Maneeha. Some people are saying mening is Gift of Allah.

We cannot find any Urdu word like منحا in the Thompson Platt dictionary. Our answer is based on Arabic sources, if you can provide a source for what you say, we'd be happy to look at it.

Maneeha means "gift" in general, and people use it with the meaning of "gift from Allah.


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  1. on Saturday 5th of August 2017 08:17:47 AM

    I want to choose name manha for my baby girl kindly tell me how I can write it in Urdu

  2. on Thursday 4th of January 2018 08:10:02 PM

    Please send me name detail loeeza mean hazrat Adam a.s daughter name . Is it right or wrong

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