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A Quranic Name for Girls

Short meaning of AyatSign and Proof of Allah's Greatness
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How to pronounce Ayat

After + YUmmy + Toy

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Arabic Spelling (How to write Ayat in Arabic)آيت
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Meaning of Ayat

Ayat is a Persian name for girls that means “sign of God’s greatness”, “verse from the Quran”.The name literally means “sign”, “clue”. Ayat is a variant of the Arabic name Ayah, both names are correct and acceptable.

Ayat can also be another spelling of the name Ayaat, which is the plural form of this name. Therefore we have three separate but similar names: Ayat (the topic of this post), Ayah (the standard Arabic form of Ayat), and Ayaat (the plural of Ayah).


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  1. Anonymous on Saturday 27th of December 2014 11:30:17 PM

    Hello my name is Ayat and I’m Arabic-Muslim girl, let me correct how it’s written in Arabic; it’s آيات as there’s nothing spelled like Ayt or Ayut.. It’s Ayat plural of Ayah 🙂

  2. QuranicNames.com Staff on Monday 29th of December 2014 01:12:12 AM

    @1: While your intentions are admirable, your information is incorrect since the name آيات is covered in the entry Ayaat. The current entry above is about the Turkish/Persian pronunciation of the name Ayah, which is pronounced differently than Ayaat.

    To simplify, while Arabs say Ayah, Turks and Persians say Ayat. These two names are the same, and they are both singular. As for the plural, it is Ayaat (which can also be written as Ayat, but the above entry is not about it), and Arabs, Turks and Persians will all pronounce it the same (as Aayaat).

  3. Anonymous on Thursday 6th of August 2015 01:56:39 PM

    Assalamu alayqum my name is shahid ansari i want to know
    the right spelling of aayat

  4. Anonymous on Monday 9th of November 2015 04:30:17 PM

    My 2 yrs old sister is called Ayat
    Ayat is also in the Ayat-ul- khursi

  5. Anonymous on Wednesday 6th of January 2016 10:37:07 PM

    Hello my name is Ayat and I’m Arabic-Muslim girl, let me correct how it’s written in Arabic; it’s آيات as there’s nothing spelled like Ayt or Ayut.. It’s Ayat plural of Ayah 🙂

  6. Anonymous on Friday 25th of March 2016 01:06:03 PM

    Assalamu Alaikum. I want to know the meaning of ayatul maarifa

  7. Anonymous on Sunday 10th of July 2016 01:11:15 AM

    Assalamoaleykum..i named my daughter (Ayat Fatima) is it accepatable…some of us told ayat means (stop) so change her name..plz let me know what should I do?

  8. Anonymous on Friday 2nd of September 2016 11:27:02 PM

    assalaam alaykum wr wb, it should be written as آية and pronounced aayah… آيت is actually pronounce as aayaat, in the Quran, there is no “alif” after the “yaa”.

  9. Anonymous on Friday 2nd of September 2016 11:33:01 PM

    I am no.8.
    To clarify, the Persian/ Urdu way of spelling “aayah” is incorrect as it spells the plural form.

  10. Anonymous on Thursday 10th of November 2016 04:44:21 PM

    hello i ma ayat hussain and i m arabic girl. let me correct how it’s witten in arabic ;it’s ayat as nothing spelled like ayt or ayut..it’s ayat plural of ayah

  11. Anonymous on Monday 14th of November 2016 05:00:00 PM

    I want to know the meaning of my name Plz tell me the meaning of hifza

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Meaning: Sign and Proof of Allah's Greatness

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