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ZARRAR meaning?? i want to name my boy as Zarrar.


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Zarrar is an Arabic and Farsi name that means "sharp-minded", "intelligent", "subtle". It is not derived from the Quran but since the meaning is good Muslims can use it. It is pronounced as [(Z)oom + r(U)n + p(R)ay] + [p(R)ay + f(A)r + p(R)ay] and written as زرّار in Arabic.

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Monday 17th of August 2015 04:20:22 PM

    i named my son as zarrar but late on my family rejected it. there was so much opposition that i could not named him.

  2. on Monday 29th of February 2016 10:12:00 AM

    I named my baby boy Zarrar and now I m confused that is it a Muslim name with good meaning?why some people reject this name?what’s wrong with this name?

  3. on Thursday 23rd of March 2017 05:17:19 AM

    This name belongs to a Sahabi (R.A). Above is the reference video about this name.

  4. on Wednesday 26th of April 2017 03:57:31 AM

    I am in love with this name but not zarrar its zarar which means the name of a sahabi brother of a muslim warrior khola n u know what the zarar i know his sister names khola really great and zarar is a muslim name not zarrar

  5. on Wednesday 6th of December 2017 10:01:50 AM

    Zarrar in arabic its darrar, the name of sahabi a great fighter.

  6. on Sunday 10th of December 2017 10:36:34 AM

    My name is Zarrar and i am thinks full my gerand father he giving me this namne

  7. on Thursday 24th of October 2019 10:19:09 AM

    Hi, my name is Zarrar and I am proud of it as it was given by my Father.
    Name is an identity just like your finger prints and face.
    Its not wrong with the name but our beliefs.

  8. on Thursday 11th of June 2020 08:38:38 AM

    I want to name my baby boy as zarrar.,is it good name or bad name because some people reject this name due to masjid e zarrar incident in quran?

  9. on Wednesday 19th of August 2020 08:35:18 PM

    Guys dirrar is a different name he was a sahabi and it means fierce warrior but it also means someone that causes harm. I was told it’s not a good name. Zarrar on the other hand is different it’s Arabic for brave and intelligent

  10. on Monday 24th of October 2022 08:07:40 PM

    I named my son. Zarar. It’s a beautiful name. I got a lot of opposition but it’s a Sahabi name with beautiful meaning. Let’s leave people’s opinions and let parents decide. Opposition because of masjid e zarar incident is absurd. Aren’t people gonna name kids as Babar after babri mosque?

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