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What is the meaning of name Afshin. Is it a Islamic name?


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Afshin is a Persian name for boys that used to be the title of the kings of an area known as Oshrusana. The most famous person with this name was a Persian hero who was a general working under the Abbasid caliphs. The meaning of this name is not clear. It is not an Islamic name, but since it does not have a bad meaning/origin, Muslims can use it. It is pronounced [(U)p + (F)un] + [(SH)op + sw(EE)t + (N)ew], with emphasis on the second syllable. It can also be written as Afsheen, Aphshin, Afsheene, Afshyne in English. It is written as افشين in Farsi.

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Monday 28th of September 2015 08:31:41 PM

    I love a lot this name! I hope to be preg very soon so that my boy could be Afshin;-)

  2. on Wednesday 28th of October 2015 12:49:02 AM

    Afshin is NOT Quranic. We Afshins are Persians and don’t like to be associated with Arabs or their religion.

  3. on Saturday 21st of November 2015 04:01:31 AM

    Afshin is Persian with Zaroastraian origins. IT IS NOT ISLAMIC. Please don’t use my name if you’re a Muslim and want an Islamic name.

  4. on Saturday 6th of August 2016 09:29:56 PM

    افشين Afshin is Very beautiful name , considering that it refer to a Persian hero , obviously that is not related to Arabic

  5. on Friday 23rd of September 2016 09:53:55 AM

    Hi. Thanks for the info. I think the best pronunciation is like (A)nonymus + (F)un +…

  6. on Wednesday 9th of August 2017 12:12:40 AM

    Afshin means king of the fertile plane around AMU DARYA river that empties into URL SEA, at the time of Arab conquest of Iran, 700 – 900 AD Arab armies were play wake a mole with the Iranian Kings that used to pay homage & Taxes(Gifts) to king of kings in Susa every Nowroz (new day, start of Iranian calendar).
    Afshin (S) put up a fifty year war, they would submit while the large Arab/ Turk army would defeat them and continue paying until the Arab army would go after the next rebellion king, the fifty year is the number of years they kept the Zoroastrian fate, and crucifixion of the last Afshin.
    Abbasi Khalifa’s finally figured that only solution to Iranian problem was to make Iranians fight each other, one of the more famous ones is Afshin & Boback. (Afshin defeats Boback whom had been beating Arab armies sent after him, after success the Khalifa orders both Afshin & Boback be crucified together (yes they have learned a few things from Romans too).
    If any non-Iranian wants to use the name best of luck to you, just do not trust the Khalifa’s promises

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