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Aslamo Alaikum, Can you please suggest some names of “hoors” and uncommon name of sahabiyaah for my baby girl…Jazakallah


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Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

There are three names of houris that I have seen mentioned: Li`baMarzia, and Ainaa. None of these are mentioned in authentic sources and the scholars consider the ahadith that mention these names very weak and fabricated. So these names shouldn't be taken seriously [source 1, source 2, source 3 - all are in Arabic]. Therefore no true name of a houri is known in Islam.

As for Sahabiya names, here is a list of of the female companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah upon him. It includes names of his wives, relatives, and other women believers who lives during his time:

Hafsah (female lion cub)
Khawlah (gazelle)
Khaira (good, beautiful)
Salmaa (flawless, pure)
Atika (beautiful girl with healthy red cheecks)
Ghaziyya (ancient name, meaning not known, name of a tribe)
Fatima (a mother whose child has completed the age of breastfeeding)
Lubaba (the purest and best of everything)
Hend (noble, title of pre-Islamic Arab noblewomen)
Buthaina (soft and delicate)
Haleema (forbearing)
Rufaida (little girl who helps others)
Zaynab (a fragrant tree)
Amena (one who doesn't harm others and who provides safety for others)
Asmaa (plural of "ism", meaning "name", thus it means "names", as in baby name)
Raqeeqa (compassionate, gentle, subtle)
Hunaida (little noble girl)
Khadeeja (a child born before its time is due and who goes on to live)
Nafeesa (very valuable, very desired)
Nawar (honorable and virtuous woman)
Lailaa (related to Lail, the word for "night" in Arabic)
Qaila (queen, a woman whose word is taken seriously and is obeyed)
Fareeah (tall, long-haired)
Afraa (white)
Jameela (beautiful)
Shifaa (healing)
Sumayya (little symbol, little mark)
Suaad (happy)
The following names start with Umm, which means "mother of", but when used in a name, it means the person has this attribute strongly, for example if you tell someone "you are the mother of studying", it means you study often.
Umm Waraqa (leaf of tree)
Umm Malik (powerful one)
Umm Mabad (worship of Allah)
Umm Aiman (on the right side on the Day of Judgment, blessings)
Umm Kalthoom (one who has full healthy cheeks)
Umm Shareek (partner)
Umm Salama (woman with soft skin and limbs)
Arwaa (beautiful, slender)
Juwairiyya (said with a strong "yy" at the end, red flower)
Hamnah (type of grape from the city of at-Taif near Makkah, black to red in color, with small seeds)
Saria (tall, one who travels by night)
Safiyya (pure)
Uthaila (noble, honorable)
Nusaiba (noble)

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  1. on Saturday 16th of November 2019 05:59:17 AM

    Can you tell me the meaning and root of name Zirwa ?

  2. on Saturday 17th of July 2021 08:16:05 AM

    Can u plz tell the meaning of name Mahaiba and Kianoush

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