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Can u plz tel me d meaning of d name liya shazia.. iv kept this name 4 ma baby girl..
and i heard liya is prophet yaqubs wifes it correct??


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Leah is the name of Prophet Ya`qub's wife in the Hebrew Bible, I couldn't find any information on this name from Islamic sources, for this reason it cannot be used as a name for Muslims since it belongs to the Christians and Jews (Muslims don't use the name Benjamin even though the Bible says it is the name of Prophet Yusuf's brother, since it is not mentioned in Islamic sources). However, in Arabic Liyaa' means a land far from water, Liya is a type of bean or something similar that is very white, and when it is said about a woman "she is like liya" it means she has very white skin. Liya is also a valley in at-Ta'if, a city near Makkah in Saudi Arabia. Therefore you can use Liya as a name for girls if by it you mean these two things rather than the Biblical meaning.

Shazia means rare, precious, unique, and it is actually Shadhiyah, the "dh" is like in Dhikr. But you can also say Shazia as it is easier to pronounce this way.

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Wednesday 14th of October 2015 12:25:28 AM

    Hello there, I am a convert and the reason became Muslim is because it brought cohesion to my understanding of Abrahamic religions–as part of the family. So I’m a little confused why we can’t use names that are from the Torah and Bible?

  2. on Wednesday 18th of November 2015 02:46:54 PM

    @Anonymous: There’s isn’t actually a rule forbidding you to use names from those books. Many names actually have variations in all three Abrahamic faiths. The only requirements when naming is that it doesn’t associate you with shirk i.e. naming someone Christian. Otherwise, the prophet (PBUH) said you should give good names to you children i.e. not naming someone Idiot. Hope this helps. Also, you should probably talk to a real scholar because when it comes to Islam on the internet, you will literally find any argument ‘supported’ by islamic proof.

  3. on Sunday 21st of August 2016 11:46:05 PM

    “for this reason it cannot be used as a name for Muslims since it belongs to the Christians and Jews”

    Rubbish, in Islam ANY name from ANY origin can be used, it just should not have a bad meaning.

    You don’t know what you’re talking about – Muslims DO use the name Benjamin. I’ve seen the Arabic version Binyamin used which still IS the same name after Prophet Yaqub’s son. There’s nothing wrong using the English version Benjamin.

    Very disappointing to see false information posted on a website that claims to be knowledgeable of the Quran…

  4. on Wednesday 21st of June 2017 07:38:52 PM

    sahzia mean

  5. on Saturday 6th of April 2019 10:59:22 PM

    I throughly believe that if we can name our sons ibrahim, yousaf, yaqoob, ayub, we can also give names to our daughters of what were of their wives(one’s who believed in oneness of Allah and supported their husbands dutifully)
    Liya is the name of Hazrat Yaqoob’s first wife, Hazrat Ayub’s wife and also the elder sister of Hazrat Musa’s wife(though about her I am not confident that she accepted deen of Hazrat Musa but i have read that her father was a believer of Allah). So if people have stopped using these names than its not cause these are non-islamic, just that they mostly dont know.
    People are using strange names now a days even though they are Quranic words but we also dont get reference that those are actual names in Hazrat Muhammad time. If they are allowed, so are these. The most common names between christains and muslims are Mariam(Mary), Maria and mamy more.
    May Allah bless your baby girl.

  6. on Friday 9th of April 2021 03:14:10 AM

    Be careful of pretending to be a scholar. You will be questioned on Judgment Day.

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