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    Assalamu alaikum,
    Kindly tell me Meaning of Rumaisa.Is it Arabic name.
    whats it correct spelling??


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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

    Please see this page: Rumaisah

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    just want to share some information i got about name Rumaysa and need ur feedback
    Source # 1
    i got information that the word rumaysa رُمَيْسة with a seen would have the meaning is corpse.But the name rumaysaرميصاء with a saad is different. It comes from the word rams which refers to having some sort of stain in the eye. It also the name of a certain star in the sky.
    Another variation of the name is رميثة with the letter tha. It has the meaning of putting things in order and organizing things. It is also said to be the name of a Sahabiyya. Some narrations mention that Umm Sulaym’s, the mother of Anas bin Malik, name was رميثة and not رميصاء, but the more popular opinion is رميصاء.
    Source # 2
    رُمَيْسة, it is the feminine diminutive form derived from the root رمس, which means to efface, cover, or speak so quietly.

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    Thanks for the detailed reply. Our previous statement on Rumaisah meaning “friend” or “strong” is one year old and it is unclear where it came from. It may or may not be true, we cannot find a source for it.

    The new, authentic meaning of this name (رُمَيْسَة), mentioned in the Sultan Qaboos Encyclopedia, is “wind that scatters dust and buries footprints and other effects.”

    As for Rumaisaa with a saad, it is the name of a star.

    As for deriving Rumaisah رُمَيْسة from the root رمس (“to speak quietly”, “to cover”, “to keep something secret”), it would receive the meaning of “a single small instance of rams“, thus meaning “a single instance of speaking quietly”, “a covering up of something”, “a single instance of keeping something secret and not revealing it”.

    As for Sahabiyyah names, we found two named Rumaithah (رُمَيْثَة): Rumaithah bint Amr bin Hashim and Rumaithah bint Hakeem. As for Rumaisah with a seen or saad, we couldn’t any Sahabiyaat named such.

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    We have now updated the entry for Rumaisah. You can see it here: Rumaisah

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    We also found new information on the the name Rumaisaa (with a saad), which is also the possible name of a Sahabiyyah. For more information see: RUmaisaa

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    Assalamu alaikum,
    thanks a lot .i really Appreciate that you differentiate between two names.But still i have some Confusion and i hope you will clear it.
    > You said that ” As for Rumaisaa رميصاء with a saad, it is also the name of a star.” but still “meaning of star” is coming under name Rumaisah رُمَيْسة with seen.
    >Some narrations mention that Umm Sulaym’s, the mother of Anas bin Malik, name was رميثة and not رميصاء, but the more popular opinion is رميصاء but you are saying رميثة was different Sahabiyaat.
    >As u said,Both رميصاء and رُمَيْسة derived from same root Rams رمس but why their meaning is different.
    >According to my information, رُمَيْسة was not recommend as name as it meaning is not good., but you said we can use it as name.
    ما معني اسم رُمَيْسة-هل يجوز التسمية به، علما أننا سمعنا أنه اسم صحابي؟
    What does it mean Rumaisa Name-Is it permissible to label him, knowing we have heard that Sahabi name?
    وقد بينا معنى الرميصاء لغة في الفتوى المشار إليها، وأما اسم رُمَيْسة-فالظاهر أنها مشتقة من الرمس وهو الدفن.
    The name Rumaisa seems that it is derived from the verb Rams which means a( burial.)
    ” And therefore do not recommend that you label them”.so the mufti said.
    The word rumaysa with a seen رُمَيْسة would have the meaning a corpse.

    >As u mentioned,رُمَيْسة and رميثة have lot of meaning.i just want to ask all are true.
    >رميثة رُمَيْسة رميصاء we can be considered it 3 separate names.

    i hope you clarify my all questions.

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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

    Thank you for the reply. The sentence that said Rumaisah was also the name of a star is incorrect, we have removed it. As for Rumaisaa with a saad, it is one of the names of the star known as Sirius in English.

    The mufti is unsure of the meaning of Rumaisah, he says “apparently it means…”. He is using what can be called an artificial etymology, he starts with the root (Rams), which means “to bury”, and thus he concludes that the name probably means “buried”, thus “corpse”.

    But the actual meaning of the name is “a wind that buries things”, as mentioned in the Sultan Qaboos Encyclopedia of Arab Names. The mufti’s analysis gives you an idea of the name (that it has something to do with burying), but it cannot tell you the exact meaning, while the Sultan Qaboos Encyclopedia speaks of the name as it is (it is not creating an artificial etymology for it), thus it is the more accurate meaning.

    Thus we have three names: Rumaisah (رميسة), which means “wind that scatters and covers”, Rumaithah (رميثة), whose exact meaning we do not know (but its root has to do with “increase”, thus an artificial etymology would tell us that it means “increase”, “something that increases or grows”), and lastly, Rumaisaa (رميصاء), which is the name of the star Sirius.

    Earlier the article for Rumaisaa contained an artificial etymology that said Rumaisaa may mean “rheum”, but further research indicated that it means “Sirius”, thus this is the meaning that people use when they use the word as a name.

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